New peices

This series is currently titled “Reclaiming the body” and ongoing series I am working on. I hope to reach 25 before my final critique.

Holiday clean-up tommorow

I went home for a while but I’m back to tidy up my apartment and thesis studio. Going to work hard tonight to finish a portrait of my late Grandma for her husband. So far it looks Impressionist so It should turn out well as I know I can do that well. I will post pictures either tomorrow or later to night of it’s progress.
On a side note I am going to work on studies for final works for thesis and do some drawings etc. I might even start the files for my photo series I want to do. Although I am wondering how much it will cost to print when I do it. Size is always an issue for me it seems when talking to peers about my work. I’ll do some research on it and decide it all out before I compile everything together. I’m going to go make some tea and tidy up for dinner/lunch and my painting session

Midyear citique over

I was told to work on the figure more and to try to put the same “power” from my black-n-white work into my new direction (I worded it nicely though). Too decorative but I need to work with colour harmony and meaning, I doubt I will work with meaning of colours but harmony/theory of colour is a definite.

I quite enjoy this new direction I am persueing, though I need to find new ways of applying the duck-tape or if I should stop useing it or paint on it. Catherine and Danniel said to leave as is, I like it but I guess (from Paul and Michele’s recomendation I should look into meaning of it or find other ways for it to be used). The work below is the direction I am going to work with for the time being, though I plan to try out other possibilities in the mean time. Things I have in mind range from knitted series of “sculptures” and some photography collection series. I might start this Monday December 7th, I should work really on the projects I have to finish for Advanced Painting. More to come soon.

Work Presentation

It went well. I showed “IT”, although on my laptop. Really wish I brought the real thing. Paul Sloggett suggested to maybe turn to video or photography for my thesis. I’m really unsure about photography, I’d rather produce something by hand if I can.
On another note the night before I spent time takeing pictures of my work, time wasted in a way, but it will be put to good use. If he did not say show one, then I would of shown my mini slide-show with some real works as well. I will talk to him latter perhaps, I really need to sign up for critique next week.
I really look forward to this weekend to work in my new space. I just need to get my ID authorized since it does not work. That is what needs to be done today. I should be on latter to post the other new images of past work.