Tea and Stress

A bit after my last post, last Tuesday, there was a fire at my building. Dispite everything I have been pulling through quite well. I technically have no home and yet I am fine with all this. What has been keeping me going has been strangely Teaopia, or rather tea itself. Dispite what happens I know I can go to work Monday to Friday and have a warm comforting cup of tea. Black, green, white, oolong, tisstanes, Mate or Rooibos.
Does not matter which I turn to total relaxation comes with it. I have read a lot about tea over the last while. Each stating that it does something good or something bad. Health benefits or downsides. Etc etc.
I believe that if I did not have tea on hand I would fall apart. Does anyone feel the same out there?

Tea and emotions

This morning I felt awfuly naucious and , to put it bluntly, alone. My relationship with the one person I want to be with is rocky, sometime it will stop and be smooth sailing again. Though, while siping a cup of White Bai Hao this morning I realized how much true love is like finding your favorite tea.
When I first develed into loose leaf my first true love of tea came from a high roasted (low grade) Tie Kuwan Yin. Since then I have looked for different ones as each can tell me a story about the tea itself. Anyhow, with out that tea I would not be the person I am today. Same goes with my relationship. If I had to go with out Tie Kuwan Yin, I would perhaps give up tea all together. And vice versa.

Just a quick thought is all. I am off to work. Got new Teamasters in, look forward to a review