Moveing and art?

So no real painting or anythidng has happened the last while. With exception of a fundraiser peice I will post once I locate my camera again in this mess.
I ended up moveing finnaly out of the student Co-Op I was in before to Cabbage Town. Very friendly area and quite relaxing. Only problem now is that I have to un pack and re arage things in between working. Thankfully I have two helpers who have been working on painting while I am working full time at Teaopia. Hopefully I will beable to get something going once I have the room and the level of cleanliness I want in here.
Still waiting on my dad to make up a bracket for my futon which won’t sit up right without it. I could suffer but It would be nice to have a couch and to get the coffee table I have been eyeing in chinatown which folds up flat.
Anyhow enough moving talk. I will have work going soon. I am hopeing to take some knitting to work for my break, that way I will not loose it from not working on some kind of art object.
That is all for the time being.
Best to all

Back to my roots

So in the end after much debate I went back to ink, but with better paper. This series is much more enjoyable compared to my past work. With exception of my fetus series and cats cradle. There is something just simple and yet complex to the drawings that come out when I use sumi-e ink and Chinese brushes. Perhaps it is because I had so much “training” in water colour that it just comes naturally now or because of it’s simplicity?
I an currently working on a rough copy for my artist statement, max 100 words or so for the catalog and I think it’s 250 for the final copy. In addition I have to come up with a artist statement of 5 sentences max for my submission for the Retrospective show (due friday by 4pm). Things are slow to fall into place but things are getting there.
On another note I realized I’m near the end and I have done next to nothing for the paper, so I’m getting it going now. I also have a curatorial project to make a power point for (got it going so no big there) and an essay about Simone De Beauvoir for Modernism: Critical perspectives (I have everything I just need to pick out what I will use and start it). Even though there is a lot to do in such a short time I’m thankful that I have at least got things going.

Today I paid to stay for the summer or rather paid for august and I have to pay for the others as it comes up. I applied to jobs to stay, if all goes well I will hear back from someone soon. Well that was just a quick update on things that are going on. Back to writing! ( will post images of what is going on with my work soon

Who Dunit?

So the final works are finished for whodunit, I am not sure i like these two considering they got submitted alredy, oh well. I might start some small works ,same size, that I could submit next year if I feel like it.
I hope to get these two back so I can improve on them and also compare it to my progress since. Now to finish other things for the night.

Show on till 20st July

Being as this is my first post I thought it was best to mention a show I’m part of:

..and Proud Of It!

Group Show celebrating Pride
Thurs June 25 – July 20 2009
Buyers Preview
Wed June 24 7 – 9 pm
Opening Reception
Thurs June 25 7 – 9 pm

@Aldridge Art Gallery
161 Gerrard Street East,
Toronto ON M5A 2E4
(across from Allan Gardens)

I’ve been busy recently with Summer school. But I have been setting aside a bit of time to work on two peices. One is an Oil painting of Nina Arsenault and the other is a charcoal drawing of my Grandmother from the 50’s or so. The drawing is sopose to help with problems I’ve been faceing with the oil painting of her, a late late christmas gift for my Grandfather.

I hope to work on my large work I started this summer (no image of it yet). But I need to finish the paper for Italian Renaissance and have study material all ready, for my sanity. I had a seizue back in October from stress (I guess) and I’ve been trying to avoid from it happening again.
I need to teach myself how to use my DSLR to use in the studio more. Need to get the Manual from home (Bowmanville) at the end of the month. Will be useful as Thesis is just around that corner.

I’m going to clean now, my room is a mess. My studio has…. books init and papers as you can see. Floors going to need a good sweep and mopping. Going to possibly make a sandwhich and start that now.
Before I go. For posts, I will try to post when I have something to show or say. I might review other shows or write about artists (old and new). We will see how it goes.
Off for dinner , Have a good night!