Nature: Take a walk to feed the soul

Nature: Take a walk to feed the soul fresh air get away from everything exercise

After living in Toronto for close to 8 years (wow), I must admit it is a relief to be back in my hometown. Dont get me wrong, I adored Toronto. The hustle and bustle, noise and going out at 3am where people were still around. The biggest change from there to here is that there is a forest/nature park just a short walk away. No need for TTC, no busses, no train. Just a simple walk.

     That little difference has made my stay with my parents just a blessing. Have you compared how you feel before you go to a similar place to after? I bet you have felt that bliss too. But there is a place here that gives me more bliss than anywhere else. Walking somewhere close to water with nothing but trees around me.
  When ever I am frustrated with coming up with an idea for a work or a post here, a walk by the creek does the trick. It clears the mind and helps inspire you for your next project, but deeper down there is more that you get from being with nature. It will help your soul feel a bit lighter through the things that come out of going for a walk (also it fights stress!).

1. Fresh Air
  If you are in a forest the air will feel better in your lungs. As trees filter out some pollution, it is the best place to get some true “Fresh Air” to reset your body.

2. Getting away from everything 
  When we get really stuck or something in the back of our mind just refuses to go away. Literally getting away helps to melt it all. Try it before a big meeting or even a yoga class and see the difference in yourself.

  Who does not like a good walk? It helps your mind work at peak efficiency and you can work off that treat (mind is cookie dough ice cream, whats yours? ).

#feelgoodbloggingchallenge: My Favorite books for motivation, healing and self-love

I have been meaning to start something new and it came to me, in an e-mail from Alex Beadon. For the next 7 days I am participating in a blogger challenge to help push us beyond our comfort zone. If you would like to join in all the information can be found here at Alex’s page for the challenge.

#feelgoodbloggingchallenge: My Favorite books for motivation , healing and self-love Spirit Junkie By Gabrielle Bernstein  May Cause Miracles Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso  Own it by Tabatha Coffey

 When things hit rock bottom for me last year it was not till the Spring that I make the conscious choice to heal. I sought out books that would help me go at my own pace and from the comfort of home with family around me.  Self-help books get a really bad reputation for being scary and “make you seem desperate” , but when you embrace them they are a gift that we need once in a while.

   This list is of books I have either read or have read enough (and am still reading) to deem it of good quality to help others too. Most of them should be at your local library where you can get the book with no problems , if buying them is not an option. So let’s now , together, go through the list one item at a time.

Spirit Junkie By Gabrielle Bernstein

   As soon as you begin reading the first few pages you get a feel for who Gabby is. She is a fun loving woman who struggled to heal her own past. To start her own healing she used the book “A Course in Miracles”, this very book is what she refers to throughout. 

   This book reads more as a partner book to May Cause Miracles ( at least to me it seems so). The whole feel (so far) is that our Ego is what fuels our negative thoughts and even brings hurtful past to our minds. By changing our thought pattern by accepting love instead we can begin to heal.

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

   If you are like me then a guide book with steps for each day will help wonders (almost at day 20 yey!). Each day for this 40 day guide book you have a morning intention, an afternoon affirmation and an evening task. 

In the morning Gabby has you sitting for one minute meditations but ( if you have time) go longer. Pull up a guided meditation that works for the day and jump into your Ing zone. The afternoon affirmations are great as it reminds you what you are working on, pop a notification on your phone with it and you are good. The evening, I just love this part, each day varies. So far I have done meditations, Ing writing in my journal and even had to say “I love you” to myself in the mirror (three times). When you want to dig deep Gabby is the way to go!

Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo

     I mentioned this book before in the spring. I literally could not put it down till I was done (and I even lent it to a friend who I thought needed it). Disguised as a book to help you get a guy, Marie guides you to be a better you and be more present in your life. This was the first book I read out of all the ones on this page. With Marie’s friendly tone to her writing it just makes you feel like a good friend is helping you out (and who doesn’t want to hang with their friends?). I suggest this not only for all you girls out there but the men as well (by the way I think there is a digital copy available).  

   Give yourself the push you need to be more present and authentically you. Get it from the library, its a quick read (you can always go back and take notes or get the workbook online) and give something loving to YOU! (By the way I love you~)

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

  What can I say about this girl? She is the new image of a woman in my books, at least when it comes to entrepreneurship. Sophia build Nasty Gal from nothing on Ebay to a $100 Million plus online fashion retailer. Her story includes hitchhiking, random odd jobs, and trills. Everything build up to who she is. 

   Now when you read this book (especially if you are an entrepreneur ) take notes! There are so much information in the book that could very well help you in your own ventures. Believe me , when I say I am going back through it and taking notes. Become a #girlboss and kick some butt!  

Own it by Tabatha Coffey

   Why did I pick up this book? Not only did it have a woman on the cover that looked like she could take on anything but there was a quote on the back that got me.

 I’m Tabatha. Some call what I do “tough love.” You better belive it is. I have made gown men cry like babies. But they thanked me latter. Why? Because I taught them how to Own It.

 In my book she means business, right away she sets the tone for the whole book. She takes your keys to “Your Life” and you have to earn them back. This really was new to me, but I am still working through the book. She gets you to work on thing like attitude, passion, style, relationships, business etc.
   I have just dipped my feet into this one but I feel it will be a good book to compliment the books by Gabby. Not only will the reader of both be self-loving and present. But also taking charge of their life (it just gives it a good balance)!

What is “brewing” in your life : October Catch up

  As we get closer to the holidays we tend to be all over the place. Taking the time to catch up with family and friends is very important for your health. It gives you a moment of peace and a distraction from all the running around.  So let’s catch up with each other.

what is brewing in your life october guest post a cup of life zen moment may cause miracles entrepreneurship gather 20 years e-book writing tea journey japanese tea ceremony

A Cup of Life Blog- Zen Moment Guest Post 

  If you have been following other tea bloggers, then you may have noticed that I wrote for Lu Ann’s blog A Cup of Life. I helped kick off a series on Zen Moments. These moments can be moments of reflection, calm and perhaps even meditative. The post can be found here on A Cup of Life.

20 Years ago … Gather was Family Gathering 

   Who is Gather and Family Gathering? Its a locally owned clothing shop that I have been shopping at since I was 7 years old! Wow time flies. Today is their 20th Anniversary and I just had to share this with you all. I have known the owner Karen since she opened and I can not picture my life without her in it. The shop has grown a lot over the years and it is even where I take yoga through Kaleidoscope Yoga. The Gather Facebook page can be found here (with some fun images from last nights yoga class).

Gabrielle Bernstein just “May Cause Miracles”

  Today marks a week of following her book called “May Cause Miracles” and following every juicy word of wisdom. This year has been amazing but we all have our shadows that do not get handled. After experiencing loss of my job, depict, lies and even mental abuse; I decided to make a change to further become a better person. A few months ago I read Marie Forleo’s book “Make Every Man Want You” which is a motivational book about self discovery and empowerment (disguised as a book to get a guy ). This book helped me become more present but “May Cause Miracles” is helping me heal. Its a 40 day guide to a better you, that is well worth the investment in the book itself.
   If you had a wonky year or someones skeletons had you second guessing choices that you made, try this book out. Go to the library to save yourself money even. You will thank yourself latter, trust me.

Course one for Entrepreneurship last few weeks

  A big discovery for myself this year was how much I love business, especially small ones. This course (Entrepreneurship 101) has helped me obtain focus and get my pen to paper. When I ay pen to paper I mean get a business plan out.  I not only want to create something that makes me happy but also create something to give back to all of you. This new experience will help shape me and tea is what is guiding me to do it. I will share more about this as things become more concrete and when Bellman Art is finished, so stay tuned.

E-book writing progress

  The other day I jotted out an outline for my book. After completing this step I could almost see the “cover” in my mind. Eagerly I am going to finalize the outline and gather my reference list.
   On another note, I am making the decision this week if I shall pitch the book idea to an actual publisher. Big step for me, but my motto is “if you don’t ask, you won’t get”. Meaning that if you do not ask at all you will not get anything, but if you do ask then at least you did. The key is to try.

Enough about me, what is new with you? 

Quoteable: You are a work of art

    Quotable is a series of little life lessons that can be taken from quotes. Learn about little ways to improve your life, learn more about yourself and find balance. It is a great place to learn a bit about Dao and Zen, without all the jargon. More Quotable Life lessons can be found here.

  Every now and then we need a little pick-me-up mid week. This weeks quote came to me in a Julep Maven box, it was a nice little addition to the box itself. Madonna is a great inspiration to all and more so women.  This quote only makes her a stronger inspiration

   Self-esteem something that we all gain and struggle with as we get older. When I was a child I hated my red hair, pale skin and even my eyes. Over time I learned how unique I am which boosted my own self-esteem. 

madonna quotable i am my own work of art self-esteem motivation inspiration tea journey katherine bellman


      This self-love is what I try to inspire in others. Faith in ones own truth , love of ones body and trust in ones own judgement. They are all important to our very being. When we begin to go against them it hurts us inside and out , on many levels. 

   Take a moment today and look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are beautiful. Stay there for a full 1-3 minutes. Do this every day. See the changes that happen. If any negative talk pops up in your head use this line to combat it : ” I choose love over this” from the wonderful Gabrielle Bernstein.

     Another little activity you can do, is create a list of all the things you have done over your life. Small to big, it does not matter. I even encourage you to list out achievements such as first apartment, going to a new place, creating a blog etc. There is bound to be a long list, but if you are having trouble talk to friends and family. They will tell you things that ,perhaps, you did not think of.  

   Remember you are beautiful and your own work of art. Keep working on it because your masterpiece is not yet near completion. 

Zen Corner: Connection of Tea , Meditation and Yoga

      Since High School I have been on a spiritual journey. Most of the time I did not identify it as such but it was there. We are all going through one and they are just as unique as us. They start out magically and grow inside us and foster in reality.  They can be started through simple meditation, yoga class or even attending a Tea Ceremony with a zen teacher.  How ever it starts it will continue to grow and connections will form.  It is a given that at some point you will connect with , what I will call, Pillars of Zen.

zen corner connection tea meditation yoga health wabi sabi universe

  From experience as a child we unknowingly start practicing yoga. There is a large amount of play that happens and we test out our body’s ability to balance and bend. Slowly we become

focused on the task and get very involved in discovering new “poses”.  It is the focus that is also part of meditation.
   But for meditation it can manifest in another way depending on your lifestyle. I was brought up Roman Catholic and would intently focus on my prayer during mass. Through this experience I believe that any sort of prayer from any religion is a form of meditation. While they each have a differnt form they are all under the umbrella of meditation.
   Where does tea come into this? While I understand that not everyone has the ability to find a tea teacher who also has learned zen, there are other ways to learn from the beverage itself. It does not need to be real tea it can also be an herbal blend. From this we learn to focus on making it. every step has to be attended to. Even if we are just putting on the kettle and pouring the boiled water over a tea bag, it is still a process that is very meditative. If you did not take out the tea bag from its package, fill the kettle and put it on, place the teabag in your cup and pour the boiled water over top. There would be no tea.
    If you do not currently see one or more aspects in your life, then perhaps it is time to try them out or take another look. Yoga may not be called by name but you may be doing a series of stretches that are truly yoga poses. The same goes for meditation. Do you try to look inward and tame those pesky voices of the ego on your subway trip home? Then this is also meditation. As for tea, perhaps it is not tea that you drink. It could be juicing in the morning for your green juice, putting together a mix of lemon juice and ginger or even going through the process of making your cup of coffee.
   They key thing is that you are still going through a series of movements to obtain a result. A lovely beverage that calms you and makes you feel good.

Do you see this connection between these pillars?