Morning Kickstart: Matcha Magic

Do you get up and are all ready for your day, but when it hits 10am ( or 1pm) you want to curl up for a nap? So do I, after this happened so many times at work I needed a way to keep going. My favorite mid morning (or mid day) pick me up is Matcha with protein.
   When I do make this drink I try to use a culinary grade, that way I have all my ceremonial grades for straight drinking (yumm). It is very easy to make , so easy you can “mix it” while you are going out the door. This duo is great even in the morning when you pair it with some fruit separately or throw it all in a blender for a complete meal.

Matcha Magic

All you need is:

2-3 tbs of Matcha
4 tbs of Your Choice of Protein Powder (optional)
1 1/2 cups of Milk (or Substitute)
Large travel bottle with a large mouth

1.   Fill your bottle half way with ice (if you like less then go for it!) and top off with 1 cup of milk (or substitute.

2.   Mix together matcha and protein powder into the bottle. Close and shake till it looks well mixed.**

3.   Add in remaining milk, shake and enjoy!

**If you have problems with the matcha mixing then try this little trick before adding it to the bottle:

1.   Put matcha and protein powder in a small mug and add in a bit of the milk.
2.   Mix with fork (or old matcha whisk)
3.   Add to bottle, add remaining milk, shake. Enjoy

How to make After Yoga Tea (Treat)

After every class I ache. Yoga is meant to calm and sooth but being that I am an A-type Aries, I push a little. These (good) aches, need a little love after I have spent time honoring my body. I am sure there are those of you that push a little too so I’m going to share my favorite after class treat with you.  Trust me its tea based and delicious.

Using the old Ayurvedic medicinal properties to our benefit, Chai Tea is our friend. I am not an herbalist, doctor or medicial person or any nature. The only thing I know is that everything feels better after I have this treat. The brew gives you a little energy back and you muscles will feel soothed (which is the magic of the spices working together!).

After Yoga Chai Tea

All you need:

  • Chai tea of your choice
  • Milk or milk substitute
  • Sweetener or alternative
  • Small sauce pan
  • Glass
  • Ice

1.  Measure 1.5 cups of milk  and add 3.5 Tsp  to sauce pan. Watch closely and stir often, once warm add sweeter. Watch the colour, you want a nice dark taupe.  (feel free to taste test, but be careful I do not want you to burn yourself).

2. Once at your desired point, fill your cup (or glass) with ice. Hold your infuser over your cup and carefully pour the chai through it and into your cup.

3. Add more ice if necessary to chill the brew. Enjoy!

Alternatively to icing it, chill in the fridge and make a larger batch.

** measurements should be adjusted to your drinking cup size. Just go for half the volume plus a touch more.

Please share with me how this changed your yoga practice (or if you liked it just as a summer treat).

Seasonal Depression: Tea Solutions

    Every year around this time of year there is a percentage of us that suffer from Seasonal Depression. I will admit I am one of them. It’s hard to tell as I will be all smiles around people but when I am alone, with my cat, its hard to think of anything to do or even find the energy.
   I decided to let you all know this because I feel that tea helps me get through by pushing through these feelings.  I will admit to laying on my bed for long periods of time but those moments I get up to make a cup of tea just help push through down moments..
    The teas that help the most are those with a good amount of caffeine. I feel that the reason behind this is due to it giving you energy to move and also l-Theanine calming effect.
    For this reason I like to have a nice warm bowl of matcha to keep me going and focused. My favourite Matchas are:
-Yugen from Kono-En
-Kan no Shiro from Ippodo
-Matcha Sendo- Camellia Sinensis

Drink up and stay healthy!


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