Hysteria- Installation and Opening

 Posting this quite late (better late than never), here are the installation and opening images. Top images are by myself and the bottom two are by my significant other. Please pardon my squinting… I can not remember why I was not wearing my glasses that night.

At it~

Just a quick update. Finished study above and my mini studio below. Picked up my piece from the gallery today, I coming back to me has given me the push I need to figure out how I want this new style to go. Colour is working, but I just need to find the balance of it and how much (or how little) detail to put into the works. I hope to finish the second study tommorow (today rather) before heading out to a tea tasting downtown. Really looking forward to the next pay day at the end of this month. A new easel could be in my future, or re-arrange things and bring my big one here. Choices, till next time~

Next Big Thing!

Vanessa just sent me the official invitation for the show. As I posted before the show starts tonight and runs till May 21st. I will be at the gallery Tonmorow for the openning from 6-8pm. Hope to see everyone there!

Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing
Exhibition and Student Art Sale
April 27 to May 21

Reception: Thursday, April 28, 6 to 8 p.m.

The Next Big Thing, sponsored by Aboveground Art Supplies and presented by the OCAD University Student Gallery, matches collectors, new and old, with the hottest emerging artists and designers. This exhibition and sale is located right around the corner from OCAD U’s main building on McCaul Street, at 285 Dundas Street West.

OCAD Student Gallery
285 Dundas Street West, Toronto
416-977-6000, Ext. 262 | www.ocad.ca/studentgallery
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12 noon to 6 p.m.

Old work and Facebook

As a way of celebrateing my 24th birthday I posted some old works from around 2005-2008 area. Alot of work happened, anyhow instead of posting them on here. I ended up posting them for everyone on Facebook. The link is on the sidebar incase you missed it. I try to update here and there regularly. Anyhow I have to prep for work as I open (which means I get to paint more after work (yey!). Things have been great so far this new year for me. Look back soon for a show that is on latter this month, just trying to get things done. It will be at the same gallery and run for a month right through the OCAD U Graduate show that is in May. So take a look at my facebook page to keep up with me. More latter this week. Ta ta for now .