Soulful Back to School Guide

Mac book air on desk with brass work imagine and crystals. Pink and spirituality focused.

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Feel free to sing with me, “its the most, wonderful time of the year”. Gotta love that Staples commercial from the 90s. Anyhow it’s finally back to school season, even if you are not a fan there are little ways to make it that bit better. Since leaving school (nooooooo, take me back!), I have fallen in love with the line up that Chapters has on hand. Every. Single. Time. Just take my money. I’m seriously obsessed.

After scoring through their website (certain items may or may not have ended up in my cart),  I put together a spirited back to school mood board for you. Think of it as inspiration to kick a$$ at school and be a BAWSE at the same time.

A quick note before you check out the goods. The bento box is a super fun way to bring your lunch (and save money), Just Bento is a great place for yummy recipes to fill it up with. The Gold pentagon shape thing is a great home for some succulents. Who doesn’t want some greenery in their study space for some extra O (Oxygen)?

Then finally, the book. This had to be the most inspiring book I have read (listened to, thank you audible) this year. If you need a kick in the butt, Lilly will help you get there (with some amazing popular culture references along the way). Listen to this amazing unicorn goddess, read her words or get to know her through her youtube account. You will love her wit and sense of humor. And go back for more.


Gift guide for going back to school or studying. Chapters indigo picks, light blue, pink and violet. Superwoman, Lilly Singh.

//Fitbit Alta HR // Rose Gold Pouch // Takenaka Double Bento Box// Brass “Imagine” Word //

//Celestial Pen Set// Boss babe pens// Celestial Notebook // “Work Hard & Stay Humble” Pencil case//

//Mini Office Tool Kit// Fjallraven Kanken Backpack//

//How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh // Glass Sphere Terrarium // S’well Waterbottle//

// “Be Fear-less” Print// Celestial “Made of Star Dust” mouse pad//


Is there anything you would add to this list or change? Share in the comments below with a link to the item or even share a mood board of your own.

How a beginner’s mind will help you grow as a person

Grow by leaps and bounds by adopting a Beginner's Mind. Japanese Tea Ceremony teaches us that it is best to start from one and once we reach 10, to return to one. There is always something to learn by adopting this mindset.

Have you ever done something so many times that you feel that you know it so well? We all have felt that way in some way or form. But we can break this cycle by just changing our mindset and improve each repetition. In Japan having a Beginner’s mind at all points (even after 100th repetition) makes them continue to learn from something they already “know”.

      The term came out of zen which latter became part of Japanese culture as the Tea Ceremony became an important part of life itself. If this singular idea can make a whole country and culture become so proficient in what they do. A student will repeatedly study old and new material even when there is no exam to prepare for. A sushi chef will practice molding rice to place a piece of fish so many times before he has a singular customer of his own. Both will succeed and continue to practice by using a Beginner’s Mindset.  Now image what I can do for you in the different parts of your own life.   

Using it is quite simple, let go of what you think of the task. By doing this, letting go of preconceptions, it allows you to try a task a new and free of restraint. Next, will be to practice or repeat the steps to become proficient. To top it all off each time you do the task repeat from the beginning by having no preconceptions. Every moment you can turn into a chance to learn and grow.



Now when your parents or Grandparents are teaching or telling you something new you can take it and go beyond. You can learn the wisdom they have been trying to pass onto you, and learn it in a way that is easier to comprehend (because we let go of what held us back before, our preconceptions).



Learn job tasks quicker than the others and improve as you go. Every project will be filled with new life. Writing that report or filing those papers will become a new again. Through this method, you may even be ready for some promotions.



Remember that student I mentioned above? You can use the same method to gain higher marks in your classes or even workshops you attend. Repetition with a little of a beginner’s mind will make every task you’re given just that little bit easier.



Finally, you can look at ever new relationship as it truly is, new. Old relationships stay in the past as you focus your new one. Every step you take with them will become new, not “tarnished” by the past.


This technique will take some adjusting to your mindset with will power. If there is a preconception that will not go away try speaking aloud with the thought in mind and say “ I choose to see love instead of this”. Repeat as long as you need to and as often as you wish.


I would love to hear if you have used this method before? Or are you going to test drive it out?

Share your experiences in the comments below or tag me on Social Media.  Namaste.