Tea vs stress

Tea has always been my choice for stress relief. Taking moment to enjoy good tea has always be n a true pleasure.
   Clear your mind and think like a Taoist, leave your troubles behind and go with the flow.
   Focusing on something creative while you enjoy your tea. Paint, write or compose.
Here are the key things I do when fighting stress.
1-Ensure you are somewhere quiet so you may focus o n your tea.
2-Make a cup of tea. Pull out your special tea ware to make it special.
3-while it is steeping breath in the aroma of the tea
4-Put on some relaxing tunes
5-sit back and sip. Think of the tea only.
6-keep on brewing!  When you have the time keep on brewing tea.

Keep calm & drink tea.

*drink outside, fresh air always helps
*start a journal that you can work In while you let go
*turn off the lights & light a candle. Great way to ease headaches of life.


It’s Christmas…or rather we all feel the looming need to buy things because of the consumer aspect of this holiday. At work we have begun to feel the full force of the buy buy buy aspect. Everyone is moving so fast that I even find myself in the same mind set as I was when working at 7-11 all those years ago. It is getting hard to give full quality service when people are in such a rush. Buying green teas and jamming them into those tinny little infuser ball just hurt every time I have no chance to educate them on the tea.

Coming home to my little kitten (7 months~) and brewing a cup of tea seems so laborious that I have turned to tistanes that I rarely brew. Then I also take out paper tea filters to further the simple process of brewing. Never have I been so exhausted that I just wanted to relax, not think about work, customers ( I still love you all), looming debts, etc. It is very hard in our society to just take a moment to create a nice little setting and enjoy ourselves.

This past Sunday I spent the morning at a little cafe for brunch and partake in a tea brewed in those little infuser balls. Strangely it was satisfying. Just to not have to think about anything but watch all these people rush past the front window long the Danforth.

So after all this. I encourage you to take a moment be it only one or perhaps 15 minutes. Relax, make something for yourself and don’t worry about how it “needs” to be brewed. Brew a tea and just relax in the simplicity a moment in time