Moveing and art?

So no real painting or anythidng has happened the last while. With exception of a fundraiser peice I will post once I locate my camera again in this mess.
I ended up moveing finnaly out of the student Co-Op I was in before to Cabbage Town. Very friendly area and quite relaxing. Only problem now is that I have to un pack and re arage things in between working. Thankfully I have two helpers who have been working on painting while I am working full time at Teaopia. Hopefully I will beable to get something going once I have the room and the level of cleanliness I want in here.
Still waiting on my dad to make up a bracket for my futon which won’t sit up right without it. I could suffer but It would be nice to have a couch and to get the coffee table I have been eyeing in chinatown which folds up flat.
Anyhow enough moving talk. I will have work going soon. I am hopeing to take some knitting to work for my break, that way I will not loose it from not working on some kind of art object.
That is all for the time being.
Best to all

Holiday clean-up tommorow

I went home for a while but I’m back to tidy up my apartment and thesis studio. Going to work hard tonight to finish a portrait of my late Grandma for her husband. So far it looks Impressionist so It should turn out well as I know I can do that well. I will post pictures either tomorrow or later to night of it’s progress.
On a side note I am going to work on studies for final works for thesis and do some drawings etc. I might even start the files for my photo series I want to do. Although I am wondering how much it will cost to print when I do it. Size is always an issue for me it seems when talking to peers about my work. I’ll do some research on it and decide it all out before I compile everything together. I’m going to go make some tea and tidy up for dinner/lunch and my painting session

Final schedule for first semester

After complaining to myself about not haveing time to A: relax B: go to galleries C: go to the refrence library and D: go for my usual long walks which comprise of gallery hopping, I finnally planned out when and where I will be for most of the week.
Sunday is pretty much a day I can choose what to do and Saturday I have time to go for a nice long walk or even go home for lunch then go for a walk.
Tomorrow and Thursday are subject to change but this is my general plan right now.
Trying to save money on food by making it at home as opposed to buying it will help me save money for the New York Trip in the new year. Anyhow, I am going to eat and make a cup of Puerh tea from my Toucha (need to chip a piece off since it’s a tea cake)