Reaserch notes- "what is a woman?" Google search

So I searched this general question and I’m surprised at what I have found. this question itself was formulated after reviewing my work from when I began at OCAD till now, it is the question I subconsciously have been dealing with.

How to master a woman’s G-spot
Informative but not what I was searching for.

Every woman is a cheating whore
Very sexist. “Getting attention from men is a woman’s lifeblood. That’s why women worship men in the form of menial tasks that they’re not very good at — because men control our attention like the gods of old controlled the sun and the crypt. We giveth and we can taketh away.” The writer is either doing this deliberately or as a “joke”. The site url makes it only worse. It is accompanied by articles such as why women hate sex and pets are not children. By the way the reasoning for why women hate sex is this “Women hate sex simply because they are lousy at it.”… apparently. Oddly enough it reminds me of the oblivious men who are part of the mens club in Bleach (anime) and wonder why they are single (it’s also hinted that they don’t get laid either lol.).
I am highly amused by this site to the point where I want to write to Xtra-Toronto about this strange poor man.

Why is a woman’s Breast called a ‘tit’?
Interesting wiki answer for this question. I still remember the fist time hearing it in High School, such an odd word. Women even use it.

What is a woman to do? Age, Sex and Menopause
Definitely not what I was looking for but helpful in what another 20 years? Strangely there’s an add for a memory game on it, was that deliberate?

Sex, gender, and the body: the student edition of What is a woman?
Where has this book been all my life? It is so strange that there is no feminism lecture in High School for all the girls hitting puberty. I wish I had gotten this book instead I got the damned “what’s happening to my body?” which explained where babies came from, what genitalia I have, what happens during sex (briefly, it’s for 10-14 year old of course can’t get them run off to experiment), what pads do, what tampons do, where hair grows now, and Why your different from men. Ah how I despised that book with it’s odd drawings. (continued with other point)
What is a woman?: and other essays

By Toril Moi
So I found the book twice. Anyhow. It has everything- Donna Haraway, Judith Butler&
Simone de Beauvoir. To name a few. If I had encountered this book earlier perhaps my questions
could have been answered more completely at an earlier age. Compleately being too broad a term
as it calls for an end, when I have only begun to fall down this “rabbit hole” of knowledge.

What is a woman? article on such? I’m quite surprised. even more so at the definition that get’s presented
from a blog
WOMAN- The term `woman’ means a female human being who is capable of becoming pregnant,
whether or not she has reached the age of majority.”
This deffinition does not bring forth the differentiation between body and mind. Anyhow it continues
and the US Senate does not see someone who is female bodied-barren-woman as a woman. Has
this question been changed at all? There is no date on the post so I can not tell how old it is, but
there is a comment from 2008. Strange strange.

I’m going to stop my search there for the night and return to my books. Thesis paper is due on the
1st and I have yet to put together the information to create this piece. Back to my coffee for another
late night.

Back to my roots

So in the end after much debate I went back to ink, but with better paper. This series is much more enjoyable compared to my past work. With exception of my fetus series and cats cradle. There is something just simple and yet complex to the drawings that come out when I use sumi-e ink and Chinese brushes. Perhaps it is because I had so much “training” in water colour that it just comes naturally now or because of it’s simplicity?
I an currently working on a rough copy for my artist statement, max 100 words or so for the catalog and I think it’s 250 for the final copy. In addition I have to come up with a artist statement of 5 sentences max for my submission for the Retrospective show (due friday by 4pm). Things are slow to fall into place but things are getting there.
On another note I realized I’m near the end and I have done next to nothing for the paper, so I’m getting it going now. I also have a curatorial project to make a power point for (got it going so no big there) and an essay about Simone De Beauvoir for Modernism: Critical perspectives (I have everything I just need to pick out what I will use and start it). Even though there is a lot to do in such a short time I’m thankful that I have at least got things going.

Today I paid to stay for the summer or rather paid for august and I have to pay for the others as it comes up. I applied to jobs to stay, if all goes well I will hear back from someone soon. Well that was just a quick update on things that are going on. Back to writing! ( will post images of what is going on with my work soon

Holiday clean-up tommorow

I went home for a while but I’m back to tidy up my apartment and thesis studio. Going to work hard tonight to finish a portrait of my late Grandma for her husband. So far it looks Impressionist so It should turn out well as I know I can do that well. I will post pictures either tomorrow or later to night of it’s progress.
On a side note I am going to work on studies for final works for thesis and do some drawings etc. I might even start the files for my photo series I want to do. Although I am wondering how much it will cost to print when I do it. Size is always an issue for me it seems when talking to peers about my work. I’ll do some research on it and decide it all out before I compile everything together. I’m going to go make some tea and tidy up for dinner/lunch and my painting session

Midyear citique over

I was told to work on the figure more and to try to put the same “power” from my black-n-white work into my new direction (I worded it nicely though). Too decorative but I need to work with colour harmony and meaning, I doubt I will work with meaning of colours but harmony/theory of colour is a definite.

I quite enjoy this new direction I am persueing, though I need to find new ways of applying the duck-tape or if I should stop useing it or paint on it. Catherine and Danniel said to leave as is, I like it but I guess (from Paul and Michele’s recomendation I should look into meaning of it or find other ways for it to be used). The work below is the direction I am going to work with for the time being, though I plan to try out other possibilities in the mean time. Things I have in mind range from knitted series of “sculptures” and some photography collection series. I might start this Monday December 7th, I should work really on the projects I have to finish for Advanced Painting. More to come soon.

Studio- mess and progress

Studio progress/mess images. Working away at various things at the same time, thinking of heading out early to work on a writing assignment due this week and maybe write out more notes for Thesis Report. We will see how this goes.
The piece on the far left is for Advanced Painting, which I’m trying to work with the idea of the Cyborg in Donna Harraway’s Cyborg Manifesto. Still have to come up with a composition for the figure. The piece beside it is putting two different images together, in this pieces’s case it’s a cover of a (I hate the term but,) Shemale pron magazine and a shot from some straight Porn review magazine. Inset duck tape and Voila.
I really adore the duck tape and what it refers to. Still playing with how I can add it to works or how I can subtract from it to add imagery. Really is open to alot of possibilities for me to work with.
Really anxious to go home, I think I have a cold or something from my unit mates on the north side of the apartment. Going to pack up now I guess and work the whole time tomorrow. Elizabeth get’s back from Montreal tonight at 3am, so we will see how awake I can be for class. Have a good night everyone, wish me well.