Just before heading off to bed I quickly documented all my work from my thesis. Quite a lot to photograph but I will be adding them here sometime tomorrow. And then work on setting aside time to properly document them for portfolio use, just in time since I am going to be studying CSS/HTML/XHTML to create my website. Let’s hope the next work, possibly series, does not distract me from getting this all done. Anyhow, Good Night all~

Finishing touches and problems

Last night around 11pm I realized that I had forgoten to get one more frame for my series. This morning I went out and got it, wasteing a hole hour that could have been used to finish final touches. Upon hanging the one finished peice, I came home after work to see that my cat had decided to show off by trying to get the peice down.
This image is just after catching him and telling him no. I should beable to finish everything tonight in time to hang it all tommorow. Really excited to see how everyone else did.
Till next time~

Working hard

It’s been a long year and the new one bring me a show. In Febuary I am haveing some peices in a group show with other Alumni. Putting things together is on it’s way. I hope to post progress sometime before or after christmas. New place, new work, new year, new job (same one since June), new friends and just a new outlook on life. Things are looking up.
Anyhow, just wanted to update for those of you who follow me as well as for myself to look back on. This is where things will truely start. Wish me luck and help push me forward towards my goal. A masters of fine art, a job at a university, a family to come back to, friends to fall back on and a warm home to keep my little boy safe ( My cat Shuuhei and any children I might have).