Watercolour paper Part: 1 Cold , Hot or Rough

           Chooseing watercolour paper for a work will depend on what you want it to do for you.

This post will be a small mini series of different components of picking paper. Lately I have been either A- useing a paper I have used before from a pack or B- picking paper by how it feels on my hand. After much debate it is time to go back to my roots in watercolour and have a mini refresher course on the dynamics behind these papers.

 Cold Press: Textured surface which is in between rough and hot-pressed papers. Most often used to benefit from the texture that shows up when painted on.

Hot Press: Fine grain, smooth surface with almost no tooth. Paint dries quickly. Ideal for large even colour washes. Great for detail and do not wish to use granulation.

Rough: a rough surface. It was pressed between the felts on the paper machine and the roughness of the felt (blanket) is embossed in to the wet surface.

            I have a collection of paper right not consisting of mostly Hot pressed paper. Majority of those are on a watercolour block. The block is very handy to have around as it is already “stretched” which I will try to address in another post. Alternatively since university I have been buying individual sheets. I generally cut them down to a more manageable size but I have used it on occasion to create larger works. A great example is “Sun Wukong” I did  in January for my brother who loves the story “Journey to the West”. 

Card designing and thoughts

 I have been sketching endlessly various designs for my business cards. Today, I thought perhaps a chop on my work should be considered once again.
   The work I did for my brother was a more traditional Chinese like painting of Sun Wu Kong. It would have been better if I had such a signature to add to the work. As I plan to continue in this more traditional direction for the most part, I am going to design a chop.
    Chops are specific to the author/artist so I will put a lot of effort into the design of this~
   On a side note I have been working on sketches for a short manga, I have been wanting to write and draw one for some time now. I will try to post some sketches of characters and roughs while working up to making the manuscript pages. Till next time~