Just before heading off to bed I quickly documented all my work from my thesis. Quite a lot to photograph but I will be adding them here sometime tomorrow. And then work on setting aside time to properly document them for portfolio use, just in time since I am going to be studying CSS/HTML/XHTML to create my website. Let’s hope the next work, possibly series, does not distract me from getting this all done. Anyhow, Good Night all~

Grad Exhibition- Saturday

So this is where I have ended up. Cards are up, the works look great (although I’m wondering If I should have had matted them) and the show is coming to an end tomorrow. On the side I have continued to work on this series in my own studio. Experimenting with application and letting the ink be ink, not controllable pigment. I am hoping to put together a proper website soon and have it launched before September.
If you happen to come here after seeing the Graduate Show, I thank you for taking the time to see everyone’s work and to visit this page. If you would like to see more of my work I can show you my portfolio in person or online. Ink is my current obsession but I also work in Acrylic, Oil , Graphite, Watercolour and Charcoal.
Please excuse the warning which came up before reaching this page, it is for you that I have decided to place the warning as my work tends to dip into the explicit at times.
If you have any questions I can be reached at at any time. And I will be around on Sunday to answer any questions in person. Again thank you.

Pieces shown:
“Spot” 2010
Ink on paper. 18″ x 18″

“Hold” 2010
Ink on paper, 18″x 18″

“Hug” 2010
Ink on paper, 18″ x 18″

“Choo” 2010
Ink on paper, 18″ x 18″

“Nervous” 2010
Ink on paper, 18″ x 18″

“Mine” 2010
Ink on paper, 18″ x 18″

“Held” 2010
Ink on paper, 18″ x 18″

Grad Exhibition- Opening night

Opening night went quite well. The school was packed,I’m pretty sure we were over capacity in the Great hall. The 4th floor was well organized and professionally presented. It was great to see what everyone else had submitted to the show.
There are still 3 more days of the Exhibition, information can be found on the OCAD website.
Now finally I have time to come up with a body of work I am proud to use for my portfolio to get into Grad School @_@ On the side I also hope to start writing art reviews and post them on my city art blog (which posts to my Twitter Account on the side bar).

Time to eat and find myself a job >.< Going to finish a painting tonight as well

End of a good thing

The year is officially over. Everyone has begun to clean out their spaces at 205 Richmond. It is looking quite empty. I need to look at times for when to move my work to the main building but that can wait till tonight.
The grad show is just around the corner and will push everyone to work hard again. Personally I still have to make my cards >.< oh well.
I’m off , going back to Toronto for work. Came home for a bit to relax. Going to read Journey to the West on the way. I will put up images latter tonight of work I have done.

Thesis e=Exerp- Day in the life of a girl

Day in the life of a girl Men stare and lick their lips in anticipation. As if tasting the air will give them a taste of the woman in their sight as they pass by her. She sits alone contemplating her own existence slowly becoming disgusted by the constant looks from them. A feeling of dirt latches upon her skin, as each one attempts to look past her dark glasses to possibly see what kind of creature lies behind them. Each one of them look at her then when her gaze meets theirs they look away or (as she dreads) stare even more hungrily. Is it how she is dressed that day in particular that attracts these looks? Hair tied up at the back of her head with a clip. Lips and cheeks pink from applying a touch of make-up that morning, to hide the acne which lingers. Tight jeans cling to her body, hiding the signs of cellulite. A thick coat wrapped tight around her petite fills out her tiny waist and bust. Knee high boots disguise aching feet from her afternoon walk in two inch heels. Her stomach grumbles angrily as she has yet to eat that day, a reminder of a hidden bloated belly. Sipping her Starbucks she notices that women as well are looking at her. Looks of jealousy, appreciation, hate, and admiration- These women do not want her as these men do. They see and understand the looks she receives, they want them in return or have experienced them and offer sympathy to her. We all have our silent screams we want the world to hear, but keep them to our selves.