Sumi-e and business cards

Sumi-e Artists of Canada is a non-profit organization

  March 10th I took a trip up north to the Japanese Canadaian Cultural Center to take part in a Sumi-e workshop put together by the Sumi-e Artists of Candada. With Hiroshi Yamamoto  we were shown sketches that were made prior to the final Sumi-e work.  Everyone brought different objects to paint, I brought a ceramic tea canister while others brought vegetables and plants.
       I did not have a roll of paper so a kind woman from the executive gave me a few sheets so I may still work like everyone else. This was the second time in my life I attended a class/workshop where I was one of the youngest, the first time being a weekly watercolour class. Although this time I felt like I knew nothing and everyone else was far ahead of me as they were taking full classes with Hiroshi Yamamoto at the center. Perhaps the fact that there is almost 10 years in between this workshop and the watercolour class is a factor, as that was before I attended OCAD U. 
      Unfortunately I missed this months workshop due to a bad cold, although I did attempt to do a study of “Hug” in Sumi-e style. I am quite sure that I will take classes at the centre in the future to assist with my studies of this style. Till then I am going to attend these workshops to absorb anything I can.

    On another note, my business cards are in transit and a temporary website will be up this week. I ordered the cards from Moo Printing and am very excited to finally have these cards. As for the website I am going to use Other People’s Pixels till I purchase my own web space, at least with them I get a domain in the process. The layout over there will reflect how this blog will look in the near future. Please bear with me as I change things. This week is the Take pART show.  Here’s the info they have!

A mystery art sale findraiser in support of student financial aid at Branksome Hall School. All works are 10 x 10″, signed on the back, presented in a grid and are made by alumnae and non-alumnae artists.


take pART 

Arta Gallery, Distillery

Thursday April 19, 2012, 6-9PM
Hors d’oeuvres, wine & beer
Raffle Prizes

Hope to see you there!

Majesteas- Website up and running!

Majesteas website- Robert and Ian are both part of The Tea Guild of Canada 

          After a lot of hard work from my good friends at Majesteas, it is finally up and running. Great timing too since Robert Gignac is off to China with Tao of Tao Tea Leaf latter this week. He has even started off the blog with an entry detailing information about various teas he will get to try.  I wish him well on his trip and a safe return with teas to try.

Website Progress

Working on the design aspects of the website. So this is all I have so far. I am comparing peer sites to see how they display their own work. Some use flash and others just use simple HTML. We will see how this progresses. But for now if you have a twitter or Facebook account please feel free to “Like” and “Follow” me. Wish me the best, I’m off for a quick cup of coffee <3

Website designing

Website design used to be easy for my generation. Now after about over 10 years of design neglect, all is lost. Building from the ground up is fun. I am finnaly learning CSS bit by bit.
Other than that I have an interview comming up for Lolita Vulgar Collective, will post details once we figure it out. For the time being if you have any questions e-mail me at with “Question- split/gender” as the header. If you have time today head over to OCAD U for the annual Grad Show. Till next time

Work work and more work

It has been a while since my first purchase of a 60’s Playboy which inspired me to create my series for Thesis. After work to day I slipped in to BMV (used book store) to see if they had any chinese classics, tea books etc that might inspire me. Instead I found this trio. Fair collections photography from classic Playboy. I am already looking forward to creating new works steming from this imagery.

I finnaly gave in and bought a small pack to take with me when I study. This weekend I am going to head off to Scarbarough Town Center to (yet again) practice drawing moveing subjects. As well I will be heading to the AGO to make use of the 25 and under free admission that lasts till April 3rd.

Plans are in progress for a proper website/portfolio. This will aid me in applying to Grad School in the near future. Things are a bit mess at my desk but in my studio journal everything is comming together.

This is a current work that seems like it is done, it will stay on my easel for a few days more till I fully deem it “finished”. Already I can see a few things that are off and will get fixed soon. Over all I like the peice, a little different from my other charcoal works. I have utilized a sanguine drawing pencil to create a bit more tone in the work. It works well, It may just get adopted into my regular studies for works.
The night is still a bit young I think I shall enjoy yet another cup of tea while watching The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008 Drama).