Monthly Wishes: June Goals

  Every time I create this post I always have the impulse to say something relating to how fast time passes. Anyhow, I ended May impatiently waiting for a special package for not only blog planning but life planning as well. It finally came on the first and I jumped into my planner from Kikki.K (it was too pretty to pass up).
    Flashing forward, it has helped me keep all my to-do lists in one place and even is helping me tackle little life things ( read debt). In a week it has changed my life and it will change Tea Journey as well.
   Sometime in the next 24 hours Tea Journey will be going through a few changes. Please bear with me through the changes as we reach Wednesday, the 5th Anniversary for Tea Journey. It will be a change to remember, but it is time for me to go back to work.

June Goals

  • Finish blog business plan from By Regina –  Already at half way point so just a little stretch more to go!
  • Continue turning my room into an Oasis – Currently planning out the stages for completing this project before the end of summer. 
  • Create Tea Tasting book – Paintings almost done for the pages and got my hands on Indesign to complete the project. 
  • Finish preparation for  Tea Journey’s Anniversary– I have two days to finish things up on my list. I have a planner now from Kikki.K that is making getting through my to-do list so much easier. Stay tuned!
  • Create more Project Life pages– Need to print photos I have listed in my wallet and then get started on Amanda’s wedding pages. Really excited to be scrapbooking my friends wedding and time in Montreal. 

P.S. My name on instagram, twitter and pinterest has changed to “tea_journey” (or “tea.journey” for instagram).  I hope you like the change.

What changes are you making in your life?

Monthly Wishes: May Goals

   We finally got here. While the weather is still a little on the cold side it is nice to see all that snow melted. March was crazy amazing. My family took a little trip to Niagara Falls for My Dad’s birthday and after my mom’s birthday we went to the One of a kind Show. I had lodes of fun,

Review of March Goals

  • Finish blog business plan from By Regina- I did not get around to this goal so it is getting moved over to this month.  I broke it down in to separate tasks to make it less daunting to tackle.
  • Start turning my room into an Oasis- Organized and let go of things that no longer serve me to make room.  I did pick up two prints at the One of a Kind Show to display on my wall as part of a collage. Also I sewed up two pillows. One for my meditation space and the other for my desk chair. Also switched chairs with my brother so that it fits more with the room.
  • File taxes and budget- Completed taxes on time and I just need to create a budget. One for personal things and also for blogging which will be inputted into the business plan once done.
  • Clean out wardrobe-Let go of 75% of my old clothes that no longer serve me and found many pieces which I forgot about. Now I can focus on developing it something that suits me when I am 30.
  • Plan out my birthday week- Wow what a week.  I went to OLG on the Sunday prior and had sushi with my family the day of. But other than that the week was fairly quiet with a little pampering such as a manicure, face masks and leisurely stitching away at my current side project. To end the week I went to both the Aquarium and Toronto Yoga Conference with my mom. Overall it was a fantastic week with friends and family. 

May Goals

  • Budget – Create one for both personal and blogging.
  • Finish blog business plan from By Regina –  With the sections/tasks broken down into smaller parts it will be easier to get most of this done before Tea Journey’s Anniversary (June 10th by the way).
  • Continue turning my room into an Oasis – This month I want to fix up the nicks in my walls (and little holes from thumb tacks). As well as sort through things in my room again, I definitely need to decide where my scrap booking (Project Life) things will live. For now they are stacked ontop of my sketchbook box under my bed, which is raised higher with the plastic “risers” from Solutions. I don’t know what I would do without them.
  • Create Tea Tasting book – Every step is written out and sketches for the page designs are started. I hope to have a few bloggers and/or Tea Sommeliers test it out once it is done. I am very excited for this and can not wait to see it done.
  • Prep for Tea Journey’s Anniversary– I say prep but it is also some planning here too. Keep an eye out for some surprise changes. 

Monthly Wishes: March Goals

Goals are something that I keep close to my heart and I picked up “2015 Create Your Shining Year” to continue that tradition. Worksheets similar to the pages in this book that got me not only through High School but helped me plan for what I needed to get into University. If we don’t plan, we miss out on things on our bucket list. Keep going after your dream because it is closer than you think,with a little work (More on that latter).

Wow, where did February go? I am glad that we got here as March means Spring. I bet you are also eager for warmer weather, but before we get there it is time to set the tone for the rest of the year (and tidy up too). With my birthday around the corner it is time to get things done (cue the music).

  1. Finish blog business plan from By Regina

             A few months ago I started a standard version of a business plan for class. During that adventure I found an outline for a “blogger” business plan. I love that it covers everything from social media to products. So lets get this party started.

2. Start turning my room into an Oasis

         In September luck was on my side when I won my paint colours from my room fro  Para Paints. Since then I have been planning what the space may look like for me, and when I move out.  I have never had the chance to decorate this much and I can not wait to get started.

3.File taxes and budget

        Its that time of the year again. I can not wait to get my return and tuck it away. My plan is to save up enough to enroll myself in Yoga Teacher Training, as part of my long term plan for myself.  While I still do not know what the future holds, I want to do what is right for me right now.

4.Clean out wardrobe 

       Its almost spring! Time to clean out the closet and break open a bottle of wine. I have all my clothes from while living in Toronto  near my room ready for this purge. I can not wait to help a friend out in her search for spaghetti tank tops (seriously I have too many) and donate what no longer works. The best part will be a wardrobe that will serve me well into my 30s (in two years).

5.Plan out my birthday week (and fun with my bestie)

       Its the big 28 on April 6 and a few days latter is my Best Friends birthday. So, us Arians are ringing in our birthdays in style. Ideas so far are Ajax Slots, and the Yoga Conference. Any suggestions?

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