No spring but new ware~

My picnic came too early, but this teaware makes all this snow bearable. I was originally hoping to use my cloud like yixing (meant for Tie Kwan Yin) but was not in the mood by the time I got home. I am hopeful that all this mess melts before I get back Monday morning from my parents.
Both these new pieces are from Majestic-Canada Inc. Toronto, Chinatown. I am eager to go back to get a few more pieces but I will need to wait a while before dipping into my tea/tea ware (kinda grocery) money.
After reading the article in the Leaf on tea ware mixed with non traditional ware as well as The Way of Tea, I just needed to give in and get this cup. As for the peacock feather saucer, I needed something for catching the water when I use my yixings. Both beautiful and amazingly affordable. 15$ each can’t do any better than that.~

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