Tao Tea Leaf- Bai Hao Oolong

     When I first heard about Bai Hao I slowly began my search for it. The past it had with Queen Elizabeth and it’s naming of “The Champagne of Tea” was welcoming. It was my second visit to Tao that I purchased this lovely tea. I had remembered how it tasted when it was brewed for me the first time and I longed to have it on hand.
         At home I first brewed it with a gaiwan or a small infuser basket. Eventually I acquired a Yixing pot for it that replicates womanly beauty.   The leaves are lightly rolled long ways, a few open ones can be seen. Warm earthy hues make up the tea.

           When it was brewed it had a consistent taste no matter the brewing. It was warm and sweet. It also created a salivating sensation. fuji apples, slight white peach is what I can pick up from it. Is is it the English name
or does this actually taste like warm alcohol free wine?
     I quite adore this tea. I have had some before going out many times and it is very relaxing

Go on and try it~

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