3 ways to keep creativity alive

  Every once in a while creative people hit that dreaded wall of, nothing. A blank canvas , screen, empty view finder etc all give you dread.  It can take a great tole on anyone when for the last few years, months , weeks or days have been full of productive creative outlets.  Over the last few months I have been in this slump myself. While it is still hard to get my pencil (or stylus) down for a good mind dump, I have regained my ability for other crafts. This being writing and most recently photography. The photos in this post are from a little creative trip I went on with my brother around town. While taking turns with the camera we had a blast and came back home (hungry) and inspired.
     While everyone is different I can suggest a few ways to get back on your feet and give your creative side a good adrenaline boost.

3 ways to keep the creative juices flowing

1. Get out once a month and make a date with your creative side
       My water colour teacher stressed this and called it an “Artist Date”. This can be going to gallery openings, seeing a play, visiting a museum etc The very act can help you in the long run.
    This is exactly what Matt (My adorable brother) and I did this week. It got us out of the house and made ourselves feel great by what we came back with. The best part is that He liked it so much that he wants to do it again next week! (We are going to squeeze a trip to our local tea shop on the way back, of course ~)
     If you know someone who is creative like you go out together and share the experience. I guarantee that you will love it!

I love how there is a story in this shot. It makes me feel like we are still part of England and on the way to independence.

2. Just Dooo ett (aka. Just Do it)
       For those who know me very well I have an “A-Type” personality, I get frustrated with myself when I can’t get what I want done. So, after a little yogic breathing, I let myself just do what ever to the surface I am working on. The key for this is to do it with out judgement and “Just do it”. In the past I have done this and found latter on that these “doodles” were very valuable for a latter work. Try it out or even try Artist Marcel Van Eeden’s series idea. Create one work each day.  During a class ,taught by Cathy Daley, this idea was used. Although we cut down the time greatly. Try out creating one work a second,minute or hour.  The results are very interesting.

Photography is light painting with light and colour (if you are a visual artist that is)

3. Read, research and have an open mind
       As I love doing research to either make an informed decision or even to confirm an idea, this is a regular outlet. The very act of gathering the information and reading it through, while comparing thoughts, works the left side of my brain. Most times depending on the research being done , I can string together a new idea. Pulling together what I have found to back it up. Its a little odd but I find it helps me think in new ways and find new material to read.
      If I had not been doing this I would never have found out that I love and adore reading materials on business. Inside and out, finance, HR etc. I adore learning something new about this sector or even researching a company such as Starbucks or even an individual like Oprah.  I will admit it may not be for everyone, but I do suggest you try it out, who knows what you will find that may inspire your next project!

Have fun and explore!

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