Morning Kickstart: Matcha Magic

Do you get up and are all ready for your day, but when it hits 10am ( or 1pm) you want to curl up for a nap? So do I, after this happened so many times at work I needed a way to keep going. My favorite mid morning (or mid day) pick me up is Matcha with protein.
   When I do make this drink I try to use a culinary grade, that way I have all my ceremonial grades for straight drinking (yumm). It is very easy to make , so easy you can “mix it” while you are going out the door. This duo is great even in the morning when you pair it with some fruit separately or throw it all in a blender for a complete meal.

Matcha Magic

All you need is:

2-3 tbs of Matcha
4 tbs of Your Choice of Protein Powder (optional)
1 1/2 cups of Milk (or Substitute)
Large travel bottle with a large mouth

1.   Fill your bottle half way with ice (if you like less then go for it!) and top off with 1 cup of milk (or substitute.

2.   Mix together matcha and protein powder into the bottle. Close and shake till it looks well mixed.**

3.   Add in remaining milk, shake and enjoy!

**If you have problems with the matcha mixing then try this little trick before adding it to the bottle:

1.   Put matcha and protein powder in a small mug and add in a bit of the milk.
2.   Mix with fork (or old matcha whisk)
3.   Add to bottle, add remaining milk, shake. Enjoy

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