10 Things you dont know about me

Opening up to publicly “let people” in is scary, but I believe in my own strength to do it. This list of 10 things you do not know about me is for you all. Who am I? What quirky things do I like or do? 

   I want to open up and let you know me. Let’s be friends and give ourselves the freedom to talk about who we are. So here is some little things I do, have done etc so you can get a better idea of who I am. Some are crazy and others may be normal to you, but makes me super nervous to share (I have butterflies in my stomach right now!). This is from me to you. Namaste.

1. Love anime and manga
     Is there a certain kind I like? No idea. But I do adore any show that has super natural creatures or a cute couple that slowly come together. It just makes me feel like a kid , especially if I happen to be watching say Sailor Moon (by the way there is a re-launch of the anime that started in July, super crushing the creators right now!)

2.One of my best friends is my brother
      Being the oldest was “interesting” when I was a child. Who was this little boy that came into my life and stole my toys? He is my little brother who I am proud to say is my best friend. Being just a year apart helped with that (and liking geeky things together). My favorite thing to do during the week is chill with him at a cafe or laugh uncontrollably while watching Seananners on Youtube (YouTube gamer who has an addicting laugh).

3.Started to read self-help books at age 26
   I never understood why I was “scared” of the self-help section (maybe I watched Sex and the City too much… Charolet you should have just bought that book!). But. When I really needed help, I just went for it. Now I am addicted to a few writers (Gabrielle Bernstein, she’s my go-to girl with Marie Forleo) and can not put the books down.

4.Developed my interest in Social Justice in High school
     Amnesty International. Give: Water. Fair Trade. These are a few of the efforts I supported through High School. They were fun and rewarding (nice warm feeling inside). They also opened my eyes to things that were going on in the world and kept me motivated to stay informed. There is nothing better than knowing that you are doing something for a good cause and helping someone that needs it.

5.Went to Catholic school
    Everyday while I was part of the Catholic school system but I was surprised by the difference between it and the public schools. It is hard to explain but I am glad that I grew up in such a school system. With out it I would not have got as involved with Social Justice  as I did there.
   My views have changed I no longer follow the religion but I do respect it and others who do. An acceptance grew in me that I am grateful for having.

6.Was on student Council in High School
    Applying to be in the is class was scary. But I had fun answering “How would you plan out our next school event?” where I went into detail and steps. When I got there it was the best homeroom class ever! What can I say? I just love to plan out events and get them right.

7. Was on a Dance and Cheer team prior to High School
    Although the only dance I remember was to “C’est La vie” by B*Witched, I remember embarrassing dance routines of the late 90s. Overall it was a great chance to become close friends to my classmates and dance my heart out (I still do in my room till my Cat objects).  It was great exercise and I have it on my list to do again.

8.Quarter Indonesian
   Lie? Nope. There is no way to tell by looking at me. But. When I was a child my mother would come to pick me up from school and occasionally (more often than you think). Be not allowed to take me. She tans easily (no tanning bed for her) and we did not look like mother and daughter. Look at me I am pale and I do not tan at all. My favorite food is Nasi Goreng, a delicious rice dish that is a meal in itself (when done right or I make it). I am proud of my background and I am not afraid to show it!

9. Not a party girl
   While many my age are partying or have in their 20s, I much rather going for a light dinner or watching a movie in my apartment. Its cozy and I get to spend time with a small group of friends (usually 1-2) or have me time. Shuuhei (My cat) would not approve of me being a party girl anyhow, he likes to playfully attack me when I dance. Truthfully, its just not me.

10. Love the smell of fresh books 
     Walking into a book store and picking up a new book. What do I do right after? I open it up to smell the freshly printed pages. Weird? Not to me. I love the smell and flipping through books. They are so sexy. Maybe they are my new boyfriend?

      Feel free to join in by posting in the comments or linking to your own post of “Things you don’t know about me”.  Open up, be authentic and true to yourself.


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