Quoteable: You are a work of art

    Quotable is a series of little life lessons that can be taken from quotes. Learn about little ways to improve your life, learn more about yourself and find balance. It is a great place to learn a bit about Dao and Zen, without all the jargon. More Quotable Life lessons can be found here.

  Every now and then we need a little pick-me-up mid week. This weeks quote came to me in a Julep Maven box, it was a nice little addition to the box itself. Madonna is a great inspiration to all and more so women.  This quote only makes her a stronger inspiration

   Self-esteem something that we all gain and struggle with as we get older. When I was a child I hated my red hair, pale skin and even my eyes. Over time I learned how unique I am which boosted my own self-esteem. 

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      This self-love is what I try to inspire in others. Faith in ones own truth , love of ones body and trust in ones own judgement. They are all important to our very being. When we begin to go against them it hurts us inside and out , on many levels. 

   Take a moment today and look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are beautiful. Stay there for a full 1-3 minutes. Do this every day. See the changes that happen. If any negative talk pops up in your head use this line to combat it : ” I choose love over this” from the wonderful Gabrielle Bernstein.

     Another little activity you can do, is create a list of all the things you have done over your life. Small to big, it does not matter. I even encourage you to list out achievements such as first apartment, going to a new place, creating a blog etc. There is bound to be a long list, but if you are having trouble talk to friends and family. They will tell you things that ,perhaps, you did not think of.  

   Remember you are beautiful and your own work of art. Keep working on it because your masterpiece is not yet near completion. 

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