#feelgoodblogging Challenge : Introductions

 I have been meaning to start something new and it came to me, in an e-mail from Alex Beadon. For the next 7 days I am participating in a blogger challenge to help push us beyond our comfort zone. If you would like to join in all the information can be found here at Alex’s page for the challenge.

Alex Beadon #feelgoodblogging challenge. First post of seven. Who are you and what is your blog about. Tea Journey.

Who are you?

I am Katherine Bellman, professional Artist, Tea Sommelier, Life Student of Zen and of course a tea and zen lifestyle blogger. Beyond that I am a budding entrepreneur who loves small businesses and seeing them succeed.
   I am a practitioner of Urasenke Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony), yoga, meditation and big smiles. Through out my life I have always believed that things happen for a reason and that anyone can draw/paint.
   While I struggle with procrastination and organization due to my learning disability,  I make the best out of what is and will be. When I face a difficult situation I like to weigh my options but ultimately will follow my intuition.
    Life is full of challenges but I see them as lessons rather than mistakes. Learn from them and become stronger.

Why did you start blogging?
 My first blog ever was created on geocites and eventually moved to bouncing-star , who hosted me for many years. It was just personal blog that was rarely posted to, but while at OCAD University I started not only an art blog but a tea blog.
    Tea Journey was born June 10th 2010, I had just begun to work at Teaopia, and little did I know it would grow to what you see today.
     Since then my art blog merged with Tea Journey and now is a lifestyle blog. Through my tea studies I learned that tea was not just a beverage but a way of life. It can help shape who you are if you allow it to teach you. This is why Tea Journey is a tea and zen lifestyle blog now, and I am proud that it got to where it is today.

Who is your blog for?

I hope this blog reaches not only fellow tea drinkers, but also those who need a friend when they are going through a rough time. Tea Journey is meant to be a safe space for free speech, so that we can tell your stories and gain support. While Tea Journey is a place for support it is also a place for readers to be inspired to create either a small shift in their life or try something new.
    Life is a Journey, I hope you drink all sorts of tea and remember each one. That bitter cup from last night could be a symbol of change, and as you learn to make a better brew, you are learning about yourself.

What have you been working on that you are REALLY proud of?
 For the past 13 days (fourteen now that its Wednesday…), I have been following a self-help book by Gabrielle Bernstein.  May Cause Miracles has been a great help to me not only for my blog but my internal self as well.
     Sometimes we forget that self-love is what will truly make us happy and, perhaps, even help guide us to someone to share ourselves with. To do this it has been a long two weeks to forgiveness and gratitude. Both which make me eager to continue the 40 day journey.

What is ONE message you hope people take away from your blog?
    There is no one path, but there is only the one you choose in your heart for yourself to take.

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