Positive songs that get me dancing!

Positive songs that get me dancing I'm so happy by Pharrel William Shake it off by Taylor Swift  "Let it Go" from Frozen  "Defying Gravity" - From Wicked  "My Favorite Things" - From The Sound of Music

“I’m so Happy” by Pharrel Williams

 The first time I listened to this song was at my Best Friends wedding in June. It suited her and her husband perfectly. Now it not only puts a smile on my face from the memory but also its overall theme of , well, happiness.

“Shake It off” by Taylor Swift

 Do you wish this song came out when you were in High School? I sure do. it has literally followed me everywhere for about a week before I asked for the name of it. It has a great main idea to it that is very contagious. You are bound to find yourself shaking it while you listen it it.

“Let it Go” from Frozen

  I have mentioned how much this song inspired me late spring and it still is on my playlist. When we carry so many negative views or even thoughts that keep us from being ourselves, this song makes them just melt away. If you have not watched the movie yet, I highly recommend you add it to your list.

“Defying Gravity” – From Wicked

  A close friend of mind introduced this song to me, now I can not get enough of it! As a budding entrepreneur I feel this is a great song for those moments we begin to doubt ourselves. It just gives you an internal feeling of strength that I just love!

“My Favorite Things” – From The Sound of Music

 This song has been with me since I was little and It will be shared with my own children. As the season progresses I feel myself looking forward to the radio playing this song for the holiday season. Don’t you?


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