Setting new Intentions with the New Moon

 Monday is the new moon for me, this month I have decided to set some intentions. If you have a few things you would love to manifest into your life this is for you. Think of “new beginnings” or even little things you wish would happen, make a list and come along for the ride.

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 The other night I had an emotional talk with a close friend of mine about how things have been really great this year. To continue this pattern, I choose to try something new, intention setting with the moon. Its a really powerful thing in itself. It makes oceans raise and lower, and even can effect our moods ( we are mostly water).
    To get prepared for the new moon, which is this coming monday, I started a list of things I want to manifest. I am asking the universe to bring these things into my life. The overall theme is things you want in your life, beginnings or newness. So right now my list includes things like “Forgiving the past” and “Spending 2014 New Years with friends”.
   The last one is very achievable, it is important for this process to have smaller things that can manifest sooner than others. Now for the first one, that will take time. A good balance of both types will help things manifest things quicker.
  On Monday night I am going to do my own little spiritual practice with a bath, meditation, incense and candles. My plan is to really prepare myself to let things things come in their own time (and give my friends a call).
   I really suggest you try it out. I unknowingly did this while in Halifax while paiting and wrote many things that I wished happen. If it were not for that moment and the work I did on my part, I feel I would not have gotten as far as I have (I am starting to work in the New Year!).

Try this out, but make it your own. If meditation is not your thing and you want to pray or dance, just do it. Intention setting is really a personal thing.
 Happy Holidays everyone. I have a great supprise for you all after Christmas.



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