Brita: Great Tasting Water for Your Tea (and a Giveaway!)

Have you been feeling a little parched lately? With this weather no wonder we are all feeling thirsty. Brewing up a good cup of tea needs one key thing: good clean water. My personal choice for ensuring my water is truly clean is with my Brita pitcher. It’s time to talk water.

  Water is important, even if you drink coffee ( Did you know that, Starbucks filters their water?).  

 Its the time of year where its super easy to forget to drink water. its so cold that at times we forget. 

 This pitcher is a game changer from the last version I had around almost 10-15 years ago. This one is built to last. I just love that it is green (don’t you?). 

 The size, 10 liters, is perfect for while I am living  at home. We used to buy water bottles all the time but we have almost cut that out. Which is a big change from the old style. This one has a little flip lid, so that you can fill it with the rest of the lid on. That and the LED light, that tells you when to change the filter, made me jump for joy.
    Alright enough talk about the device, lets get back to water. I compared Brita water to regular tap water, they are quite the same but with a little more life in the first. So much that it is my water of choice for when I am going to make a cup of tea (or pot of coffee). By the way, my parents (Read: Brother) fills the reservoir of their Keurig with the water, and they love it.   


I have partnered with Brita for  a giveaway of their Filtered Water Bottle.  I picked up one of my own over the summer, and, I just love it (it stays next to my bed now). Here’s to a your health!

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**Open to Canadians only

     Both pitcher and product giveaway were provided by Brita. All thoughts are my own, and true. All product mentions are done only if I have used and love the product itself. 


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