2015 Goal Planning for your Life + Biz with Love from Leonie Dawson

2015 goal planning create your shining year life biz leonie dawson

Three weeks into 2015, how the time flies. The last little while I was sick and am back to full health last week. The little down time was just what was needed to ring in the new year and get things going (with a little help).
 To start the year right, I ordered “My Shining Year Life + Biz”. This book has been a blessing. It encourages you to review the previous year and set goals for the new one. The absolutely best part is the colorful pages that beg to be filled out (its a little addicting).
  It will be another little bit before I have some concrete goals to share but I wanted to share this book with you all. Last year was amazing but I feel we can step it up and make it even better. Let’s get the most out of this year together and achieve our dreams!

2015 Goal planning is the way to a shining year. Create your shining year with Leonie Dawson's book!

P.S. There is also an e-book version if you want to save a bit of money ( and paper). 

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