Quotable Life lesson: Be true to yourself

    Inspiring quotes can provoke you to set intentions and become closer to your truth. Quotable is a series where thought provoking lines from various sources are brought together and lessons can be learned from each one. 

   Tune in to either set your intention for the week and learn more about yourself to get closer to living in your highest truth. All past posts can be found over on the Quotable series page

Over the years I have noticed that we have an odd human trait, conformity. The desire to “be like the rest” or “normal”.  We change our ideas, what we say, do and even buy. All to fit in, while hurting ourselves in the process.
    In High School I changed how I dressed to fit in with my group (and to impress a guy). Looking back on those times I know I was not being fully myself. We all go through it and just need to look at ourselves. Realize our mistake and begin to live true.
   When we move away from what society is calling “normal” and truly begin to be ourselves we receive joy. It takes time and effort but it is well worth it. It took till I was 26 to realize why everything felt wrong. So give yourself time. You are worth it, because there will only ever be one you.

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