Monthly Wishes: June Goals

  Every time I create this post I always have the impulse to say something relating to how fast time passes. Anyhow, I ended May impatiently waiting for a special package for not only blog planning but life planning as well. It finally came on the first and I jumped into my planner from Kikki.K (it was too pretty to pass up).
    Flashing forward, it has helped me keep all my to-do lists in one place and even is helping me tackle little life things ( read debt). In a week it has changed my life and it will change Tea Journey as well.
   Sometime in the next 24 hours Tea Journey will be going through a few changes. Please bear with me through the changes as we reach Wednesday, the 5th Anniversary for Tea Journey. It will be a change to remember, but it is time for me to go back to work.

June Goals

  • Finish blog business plan from By Regina –  Already at half way point so just a little stretch more to go!
  • Continue turning my room into an Oasis – Currently planning out the stages for completing this project before the end of summer. 
  • Create Tea Tasting book – Paintings almost done for the pages and got my hands on Indesign to complete the project. 
  • Finish preparation for  Tea Journey’s Anniversary– I have two days to finish things up on my list. I have a planner now from Kikki.K that is making getting through my to-do list so much easier. Stay tuned!
  • Create more Project Life pages– Need to print photos I have listed in my wallet and then get started on Amanda’s wedding pages. Really excited to be scrapbooking my friends wedding and time in Montreal. 

P.S. My name on instagram, twitter and pinterest has changed to “tea_journey” (or “tea.journey” for instagram).  I hope you like the change.

What changes are you making in your life?

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