Intentional Living: Memory Keeping with Project Life

 About a month ago I fell down the Project Life “rabbit hole”. Creating a scrapbook to share with my family in the future has been on my list for years. What kept me from starting was all these professional level scrapbooking pages and magazines that are out there. Then I saw Project Life pages on IHeart Organizing and it gave me new hope.
   Project life is super simple. All you need is an album, pocket pages, a core kit and a pen. It can be as simple or crazy as you wish. I choose the simple way (with some embellishments latter). The core kit comes with 600 cards in both 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 sizes. All you need to do is pop in a few cards into the pockets and fill in the rest with photos. For embellishments I picked up this gold foil half kit to spice up some pages in the album.

 So far I am am loving the system and seeing all my memories in one place. Intentional living and tea go hand in hand. it is part of my “Tea Journey”. When I say intentional living I am referring to living in the present and celebrating life. I feel by documenting memories I am able to look back during the present and inspire myself to live fully.

 What type of memory keeping do you do? Share in the comments below.

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