Roundup : All about matcha

Round up of Matcha Posts from Tea Journey. Japanese tea. Ceremony, Natsume, chawan, chasen, chashaku. Learn about how it is made, how to brew, whisk types and look into if price really gets you good tea (or not).

     Matcha is among one of my favorite teas. It sets the tone for a meditation or gathering of friends with its unique preparation. It was the tea I saught after more than any other.So in honor of this delicious brew we are going to look at posts on matcha!

1. Whisks: There are kinds?

2. Do Matcha: How to Brew

3. Matcha: How is is made

4. Taste is everything Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers.  I hope you are enjoying your summer with a good cup of tea (perhaps iced?). If you know of any other great Matcha posts out there feel free to share them and why you enjoyed it. 


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