3 Tips to Make Living with your Parents Easier

      Once we reach adulthood we think that we will be able to continue to live away from home. But setbacks happen, and we come right back to our childhood home to live with our parents once again. You are not the only one that boomeranged back, approximately 41% of us end up back home at some point (and this number continues to increase October 24th it was at almost 50%).
We learned so much while living away from them our views and lifestyle may not go so well with our parents. A few key tips can make things a little smoother.

Nothing is harder than living with your parents after 20 (or 30). These three tips will make living with them easier and help make your time getting back on your feet smoother ride.

Keep them updated on what you are doing

Wherever you are in your next steps keeping your parents in the know is ideal. It keeps you accountable but you are also maintaining transparency with them. In turn maybe they have connections that they can tap into to help you get where you want to be.

Help out around the house

If you ever had roommates that did not help out and were put off by it, you will want to do the opposite at home. Dishes, digging in the back yard, laundry etc. Anything you do will be appreciated by them.

Assist financially (where able)

Now this is something you should talk to your parents about. Some only want to save money for you, some want room and board, other may want groceries etc. Sit down with them to discuss where you are financially and work something out together. If you want brownie points, buy them gift cards to go out for dinner. They go out for dinner and you get the place to yourself for a bit to chill. 

No matter what happens at home try to understand where your parents are coming from. It is hard to do but it is the least we can do for them for raising us. Always remember that you are back home as a step towards where you want to be. It’s frustrating but remember your end goal (the bigger picture) and it will help relieve you of stress.

I am also back at home and these are just a few of the things that have helped me. Are you back home as well? Share what has worked for you in the comments below.


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