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Tea Journey is always looking for new partnerships whether your company is in tea, or lifestyle. We focus on four main topics; Tea, Life, Spirit and Create.

Where we have a focus on orthodox (straight) teas and spend time looking at the spiritual and cultural side of the leaf. There are many things that can be learned from tea and its past, we share it in a way that anyone can understand.

LifeEvery journey takes us in a new direction, it could be towards personal development, exploring the city (or town), planning or even goal setting. We bring that and more to inspire our readers to become a better version of themselves with every post.

SpiritAs tea is steeped in buddhism and zen, we strive to share modern spirituality. Under this topic we have looked at yoga, meditation, mala, crystals, and even putting together an altar. We take into consideration of the benefit for the body and the mind of our readers.

Create Creativity takes many different forms, through artwork created to inspire our readers and DIY we strive to bring forth ideas that either compliment or help the mind and body. Embroidery, watercolors, and even photography have been featured to date.

If you feel your brand fits with Tea Journey, send us your budget and ideas to kat [at] tea-journey [dot] com. Please note that we only take on partnerships where there is a mutual fit. We strive to ensure that we are both happy.