Davids Tea- 1$ Orthodox Tea Promotion Part I

  When leaving work on Friday I noticed that Davids was offering this promotion till November 14. Since the price was right I will be getting at least one tea each day (if I can).

  Korean Sejak -Green tea

       {No image available }
    White Peony- Green tea

Both teas were pleaseing in the mouth. Sejak kept me going back for more. It represented itself  as almost a Gyokuro.
    White Peony was smooth, perhaps miss labelled or I forgot the correct name. It was not as creamy as I find Silver Needle but a nice alternative.

Till next time~

Darjeeling Jungpana First Flush- Davids Tea

         To start out my weekly tea reviews I picked out my favorite Darjeeling so far (sadly finished it too with this review…).  I originally bought this tea in an attempt to flesh out my taste for Darjeelings, instead it has kept me close to other light Darjeeling (such as Teaopia’s Ambootia Darjeeling). At a mere $15.00 for 50g it was well worth trying.  Disappointingly it is “limited time only”, thus I am in a search for a new one to replace it or to try.
         The Davids Tea website says this:

Darjeeling Jungpana First Flush

A legendary tea

First flush teas are usually plucked after the first spring rains, marking the end of the long Himalayan winter. From the remote Jungpana Estate, deep in the mountains of India, this is a delicate tea with a woodsy taste and aroma. In case you were wondering, FTGFOP 1 stands for Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, first grade. Sounds like a mouthful, right? Trust us, it’s one of the best mouthfuls you’ll ever taste.

 Like always Davids Tea creates a little story or juicy description for their teas. This one keeps to the origin of the tea and tries to promote the estate. For my review I conducted it at work so that I could ensure the quality of water and temperature, at a latter date I will have the means to check the temperature at home. Below are my basic tools: a simple infuser and a glass mug. I used about two teaspoons to around 14oz of 100 Degree C water. The water at work is filtered four times in the back room and have not had any problems with other teas I have smuggled in.

 After steeping the leaves for three minutes I removed the filter. The leaves were quite green prior to steeping (forgot to take this image) and even more so after. The wet leaves smelled sweet, apple like, grassy and reminded me of fogy mist.
     The tea itself tasted smooth, mild, slightly sweet with a bit of honey and almost toasty. It reminded me a bit of Japanese green teas I have had in the past, or perhaps it was the lingering flavor in my cup from Genmaicha. I had cleaned out the cup thoroughly before hand . I am not entirely sure.  I hope to get a bit more of the tea before their supply runs completely out, again though if anyone has some suggestions I am open to them.

AFTER NOTES: As this is my first review (since Sumatra Highland) I hope to get better at describeing teas as well as prepare for taking the Tea Sommelier Exam (when I get there, wish me luck). I hope to get better at takeing tea photos as well, I recall seeing a toutorial for this and will look it up for the next review. Till then look forward to your next cup of tea!

Toronto’s Tea Takeover- Eye Weekly Article Review

Image Copyright: EyeWeekly

In the current issue of Eye Weekly they have covered the very evident tea renaissance of Toronto.
Took them long enough to notice the large amount of shops that opened over the last year. They stated that every 6 weeks a new one opened over last summer. One of those being Majesteas just south of my Riverdale home.
Their focus was mostly on Davids Tea, leaving out Tsaa and barely mentioning others (Majesteas, Tao Tea Leaf, House of Tea, Tea Emporium etc). I can understand the focus since Teaopia (My work) has been hidden along the Path inside the Scotia Plaza for 3 years now. The path is difficult to navigate when you are not used to the signs or maps. Only a short mention about David Bellisario, who owns Teaopia, in a single paragraph about his start in Mississauga.
It is nice to start with Davids (Segal)since it was on Queen Street they made their debut, but my location has been in Toronto for a much longer time. I wish the writer had thrown together a small list of the shops and gave reviews of them, as there is little to be seen on the Best of Toronto web page for Tea.
In all, the article was information on the background of Teaopia as well as other tea houses. Especially their starting point as I wish to own a small shop that will be inside my gallery in the future. Or perhaps even talk to either David about having a mini shop with in it (Or any of my new tea friends, any takers?). The options are there, only the future can tell. My question for you is what will happen to all the coffee shops with the tea-boom in this generation?

** Update: Also Teaopia is an older company. Having started in 2005 while Davids started in 2008, from what I have been told.  How will this turn around will the T-Cafe’s Teaopia is opening?  So far it is a hit, I have had majority of the regulars come in talking about the service being amazing. (13/10/2011)