New work

After seeing Nicholas DiGenova’s work at LeGallery, I started this peice. Its more so to build up skill with my pen and ink.  I hope to get going on a series soon.


Just before heading off to bed I quickly documented all my work from my thesis. Quite a lot to photograph but I will be adding them here sometime tomorrow. And then work on setting aside time to properly document them for portfolio use, just in time since I am going to be studying CSS/HTML/XHTML to create my website. Let’s hope the next work, possibly series, does not distract me from getting this all done. Anyhow, Good Night all~

Finished work~

Took a bit to finish but it’s a good start to find out how I can incorporate tea properly. Heading to my parents’ this weekend so I can grab better paper amongst other things I need to grab (watercolours included). The room/studio thing is slowly compromising itself to a comfortable level. Poor Shuuhei (Kitty~) might have his cat litter moved so I can have a little cart with my supplies available. We will see how things go after my trip home~

New works on the go~


I was glad to head down to the TakePart Fundraiser after a long day to discover that my work had been bought. They had only opened 20-30 minutes before I had gotten there. Whom ever purchased this work, Thank you for supporting this wonderful annual fundraiser. Sarah worked realy hard on this show and made it work. Next year I hope many more artist submitt peices so that there is an even larger selection for patrons to purchase.
Again thank you~