How Marrie Forleo will change how you look at your life


 Sometimes we need to change a few things in our lives to be  happier, little tweeks here and there.  December last year I was let go due to company changes. The change hit me hard. A few weeks prior I had gone to Ottawa and Montreal for the Ottawa Tea Festival with them. As well I had made the conscious choice to quit smoking (since starting Fall 2009). Not having an income really hit home for me. I overall felt like I had no one to turn to and It was a week before I felt I could tell my family.  In the end I had to move out of my apartment, this only made things worse. It felt like I was loosing part of myself, my little niche. I cried a fair amount while packing up my teas and tea ware. How can our lives get reduced to a number of boxes?
      The week after Christmas a family member offered to help me . After writing resumes and cover letters, I was then going to Halifax.  Don’t get me wrong I loved it out there. It was so calming, knowing that everything around me was new. In the end it did not last. I had to leave someone behind and come back to Ontario.  Again a heavy depression hit.  I slept in and stayed up extra late. I did not have the will to do anything.
       Then one day My mom invited me to go to Yoga with her. Who would have known that this small change made a big change for me as a person. I went once a week a first then signed up for a whole eight week session twice a week. I love it.
     Shortly after those first two classes I began to feel much more like myself again. I began to blog again and even began to invest in myself. Putting myself first was the best thing that I have done for myself in the (almost there) 4 years of writing for Tea Journey. My role model is Marie Forleo. If it were not for her book “Make Every Man Want You” and her channel on YouTube MarieTV, I would not have made this change.

Marie Forleo can change how you look at the world

1. Say no to negativity
           Before and a bit during I was in constant contact with people who were negative. During my healing process I choose not to talk to them. For some I had to temporarily remove them from my Facebook feed, to keep their voices out of my head.

2. Make “is-ness” my business
         Focusing on the now rather than the past, I was able to progress forward. I make sure to be in the moment even for simple things like washing the dishes, listening to my parents’ day , or  hunting around the house for my cat (You know that you do it too, lol). I focus on one thing and push other thoughts out of my mind.

3.  Be silly
      There have been countless times that I want to be just plain goofy, but I stopped myself. Now I let myself let the goofiness out and push the worrying voice away.  I can be seen dancing a little while shopping, bouncing on my bed (oh man this really is the best), nerding out with my brother or even rolling around on the floor with my cat 🙂

4. Build a routine
      Alright I’ll admit I don’t get up the same time everyday. But my routine is the same  (unless its the weekend), getting up and reading something to get my mind going, get up make a cup of jo (Im working on changing back to tea, trust me), read a bit more, pop on a video (or tunes), make up and then clothes. It all ends with me reading through Bloglovin to check up on a few people (Shout out to Nichole and Rita, represent ) to see whats up with them. 

Let it out: How Disney’s Frozen can help you be yourself

 This week I finally  took the chance to watch Frozen. What a movie! I walked away feeling so light on me feet and inspired by Elsa.  she is such a strong character that learns to accept who she truly is inside and lives as the real her(no wonder the character is going to be in Once Upon time!).  For the child inside me she made me want to cry and sing. Her song “Let it go” came on and and it touched me how she developed as a woman throughout the film. The reason that Let it go touched me, is that I feel that many women (myself included) hide behind a created version of themselves.  We have a hard time opening You see that possible special someone, but you don’t say anything or worse, stay by their side but never speak up. It hurts and tears us up inside, for too long. 

 Enough was enough, Elsa inspired me so much I decided to make a change.  My goal for myself this year was to be me, and not to worry about what people think( I encourage you to do the same) . Funny enough I had an amusing discussion with my special someone over skype about blogging. He thought they were no biggie and I kept to my guns and tried to let him know how passionate I am about writing here. We laughed about it and , you know what. Latter that night he apologized to me for the talk, just in case he hurt my feelings (aww). None were hurt I told him it was nice to hear someone else’s point of view and talk freely about it.
 The point of this story is that I was true to myself, not what people expect of me.  As long as we do not damage relationships with those around us (this I

is important) It is always best to go this route. It took me almost a decade to be finally true to myself and admit that I should put a relationship aside (Negativity was part of 80% of our discussions, no matter how I tried). It was good timing too as I had become jobless shortly after, I needed the positive vibe (which everyone deserves) from people who lived it.

    What a shift, but now back to you. I want you to look within and compare who you are inside (and the you during “me time”). What small changes can you do to bring that person out? Start with what fells comfortable and do it around those that feel the safest. Slowly then move this trait ( no matter that it is) with you when hanging with others. You have the chance to do something amazing for yourself, you can ignore what people say about the true you. Dance in the mall, sing loudly while on a walk etc. If its you, let it out!