Majesteas- Website up and running!

Majesteas website- Robert and Ian are both part of The Tea Guild of Canada 

          After a lot of hard work from my good friends at Majesteas, it is finally up and running. Great timing too since Robert Gignac is off to China with Tao of Tao Tea Leaf latter this week. He has even started off the blog with an entry detailing information about various teas he will get to try.  I wish him well on his trip and a safe return with teas to try.

Teavana- In Toronto?

         Early February at the Tea Guild of Canada’s “World in Your Teacup” event, we were discussing the rumours concerning Teavana. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this company it is American based and now they have branched out into Canada as of late. Their first location was in Alberta I believe late last year.
        I heard from a friend that this location was open and she recommended that I visit. Sadly they were not open yet and I could see that inside they still had yet to start the merchandising. Even still it is nice to have a tea shop in this area, as now I can have a decent cup of tea while studying before my Japanese class. 
        I am curious how well they will do in this part of town, perhaps it is an untapped gem for business with tea? When I shop in the area after or before going to the Japan Foundation Library with a cup of good tea, I always get asked if there is one in the area. The locations that asked were Sephora and Mendocino.
           We will see how things progress from here on in. 

Event Reminder! Please Join us!

Tea Guild of Canada: “The World in Your Teacup”

      If you are in the area please come out to our event. A wonderful afternoon of tea and treats, what more can you ask for? And if anyone is looking for late Christmas gifts or Chinese New Years gifts, I still have some calendars. They are 20$ and proceeds go straight to the Guild. Please support our group in our quest to teach others about this beautiful beverage!

Matthew Wocks Calendars to support the Tea Guild

     At our last meeting (last Wednesday) we were informed that there still is some of these beautiful calendars available. Considering their nature these need to be taken to warm-tea-loving-homes soon.
  Here is what the guild has to say about these beautiful pieces of art work:
“Tea Guild of Canada’s 2011 – 2012 (16 month) Calendar is available for purchase, though all Members get their first calendar free, as part of their membership. All the fantastic tea-related photographs were taken this past Spring in China by Matthew Wocks, who joined a team of tea experts as they embarked on a 19 day journey across China. The calendar is 30cm x 45.5cm, in full colour, and would make a great gift to any tea lover.”

       I own one myself and quite like the energy it brings to the room. I can put something together to mail these to anyone who is interested. They are 20$ CDN, not including shipping. If you are not in the area and want one or have any questions concerning the calendar drop me a line. Bellmanart at gmail DOT com

All proceeds go to the Tea Guild Of Canada.