Tea Guild of Canada: “The World in Your Teacup”

      If you are in the area please come out to our event. A wonderful afternoon of tea and treats, what more can you ask for? And if anyone is looking for late Christmas gifts or Chinese New Years gifts, I still have some calendars. They are 20$ and proceeds go straight to the Guild. Please support our group in our quest to teach others about this beautiful beverage!

Tealish- new location

I visited the original location back in second year of University. It was quite cramped but, NOW there is plenty of room to breath. New tea wares to look at and try (I still need a matcha caddy/natsume).  Same colour scheme was kept and they just added rustic warm wood shelving on the wall adjacent to the tea wall. 

           To celebrate I treated myself to a Stone Ground Rooibos Soy Latte. It was quite creamy and I can not wait to try their other specialties. On the way out I discovered a regular from work visiting the shop as well ( this was prior to the Queen and Portland T- Cafe opening).
         The one tea I have from their previous location is their Walnut Ave Sencha. Very nutty and quite creamy. A good balance of unami and nuts. Give them a good look~

Monday – Saturday
10am – 7pm

12pm – 5pm

728 Queen St W.
Toronto, ON

Toronto Tea Reviews

     After alot of contimplateing on the direction of this blog, I feel that I need to do regular tea reviews. These will feature Toronto teas mostly, the odd ones will be from Bowmanville.  Once a week I will post a review, from either the shop or from my own desk (while I study Japanese).   I hope to focus on smaller tea shops just because I love them all so much.
   For the first while I may do more than just one review a week, my tea cupboard is full (over 30 varieties). I am hoping to work out a structure for the reviews today at work. I am very eager to start as I have teas from all over the city. Here is a list of shops I have tea from at this very moment:

     I hope these reviews get new people into all the shops or spark a new love for tea. I started drinking loose leaf after watching too much anime and some health issues which required me to be more aware of my stress levels. Now over 3 years latter, my health is much better and tea has taken over a large portion of my life. In the New Year, 2012 The Year Of the Dragon, I hope to be enrolled in the Tea Sommelier program. I have put this off for too long and next year will be a good year to start this process. Getting to the end my take some time but I am eager to meet new tea friends. 

         On top of all this news, I have joined the Tea Guild of Canada officially. The first meeting is this month and after checking the member list I am glad that I will see many familiar faces.  

    On a quick side note I am hoping to come up with a list of questions I get from customers and have some research posts. This may take some time for me to accumulate a few to look into but this project will be quite interesting. I am not going to leave any question out, simple or as complex as they get. As well my Japanese classes are going very well (began April 5th), I am beginning to find ways to include Japanese into my art (check out Split/Gender). Not just my regular stuff but my tea art as well, stay tuned as these works WILL find their way on to this blog!       

Toronto’s Tea Takeover- Eye Weekly Article Review

Image Copyright: EyeWeekly

In the current issue of Eye Weekly they have covered the very evident tea renaissance of Toronto.
Took them long enough to notice the large amount of shops that opened over the last year. They stated that every 6 weeks a new one opened over last summer. One of those being Majesteas just south of my Riverdale home.
Their focus was mostly on Davids Tea, leaving out Tsaa and barely mentioning others (Majesteas, Tao Tea Leaf, House of Tea, Tea Emporium etc). I can understand the focus since Teaopia (My work) has been hidden along the Path inside the Scotia Plaza for 3 years now. The path is difficult to navigate when you are not used to the signs or maps. Only a short mention about David Bellisario, who owns Teaopia, in a single paragraph about his start in Mississauga.
It is nice to start with Davids (Segal)since it was on Queen Street they made their debut, but my location has been in Toronto for a much longer time. I wish the writer had thrown together a small list of the shops and gave reviews of them, as there is little to be seen on the Best of Toronto web page for Tea.
In all, the article was information on the background of Teaopia as well as other tea houses. Especially their starting point as I wish to own a small shop that will be inside my gallery in the future. Or perhaps even talk to either David about having a mini shop with in it (Or any of my new tea friends, any takers?). The options are there, only the future can tell. My question for you is what will happen to all the coffee shops with the tea-boom in this generation?

** Update: Also Teaopia is an older company. Having started in 2005 while Davids started in 2008, from what I have been told.  How will this turn around will the T-Cafe’s Teaopia is opening?  So far it is a hit, I have had majority of the regulars come in talking about the service being amazing. (13/10/2011)

No spring but new ware~

My picnic came too early, but this teaware makes all this snow bearable. I was originally hoping to use my cloud like yixing (meant for Tie Kwan Yin) but was not in the mood by the time I got home. I am hopeful that all this mess melts before I get back Monday morning from my parents.
Both these new pieces are from Majestic-Canada Inc. Toronto, Chinatown. I am eager to go back to get a few more pieces but I will need to wait a while before dipping into my tea/tea ware (kinda grocery) money.
After reading the article in the Leaf on tea ware mixed with non traditional ware as well as The Way of Tea, I just needed to give in and get this cup. As for the peacock feather saucer, I needed something for catching the water when I use my yixings. Both beautiful and amazingly affordable. 15$ each can’t do any better than that.~