Tea and Friendship

Ever since I became part of the tea world I have begun to gain new friends. Those who like tea, those who sell tea, those who live for tea etc. Teaopia, Davids Tea, Majesteas, Tsaa, Tao Tea Leaf etc etc etc. People online have become my friends.
There is something about tea that makes us feel cared for. The warmth of a quality Oolong wraps us in a warmth that only can be done with friends. I am going to begin traveling for tea in the comming year.     
     My goal is not only visit Montreal (I wan to do my Masters there) but New York (again), Seattle, San Fransisco and perhaps Hawaii or somewhere else I have not been yet. But the first two are deffinate, even if it is only for a few days I can not wait to be there. If I plan right then perhaps late in the year or in 2012. I hope to be in Taipei, out of North America for the first time before my 30th birthday. I hope that I have a few people to go with me. But I know with all these pase experiences this will become real.

Again…. It’s funny what a little scare and a fire will do to a person. Brach out people. There is alot of tea out there for all of us to experience. Let us share a new cup with a new friend.

Merry Christmas Everyone~

So many teas and not enough space

So I moved to my new place… only problem I am looking at my box of teas and tea ware, and there seems to be a lack of space for both. I am at a loss of what to do to acomidate for such a terrible disaster.
Although the cubords are still drying so for all I know the space is there and I just don’t know it yet <3 Work is treating me quite well. I finished reading “The Tea Classic” this evening, which resulted in me wanting to read I-ching to get a better understanding of what he is talking about. As well as get out my Yixing pots and brew up some Oolong tea.
I will try to get somekind of place for my tea ware and find a palce for a tea table area as well. Things are missing. I may need to get my Dad to take me back home to locate some things I require to live in here. My futon being on that list, hopefully he can fix it soon and I can just aquire the folding coffee table I have been eyeing.

Anyhow. I have drank most of the Rooibos “teas” at work and I’m going to be brave and finish them tommorow along with some Oolongs (I think I have one left to try).
      I visited another tea shop in toronto a while back, but before I review it I want to go back for another visit since it has been a while. Look forward to it.

I’m going to turn in for the night. Best to all.

Majesteas: Purveyors of loose tea

Went to my new favorite tea shop in town. It’s quite new.They have a small selection of top grade teas to offer. Many of which I have not seen before. This afternoon I tried their Edinburgh Breakfast, other wise known as Scottish Breakfast. At under $3CDN for a pot of tea which consisted of 3-4 cups I was quite pleased. They have been open for 6 weeks so far according to the employee present today.
My Scottish Breakfast was so wonderful I decided to purchase some. This location only sells 100g of each tea in either a bag or can. I choose the latter as It saves me space and it has two lids (a seal to keep it fresh and a pop off lid).

The place is quite small but very cozy and well designed. I can not see why anyone would want to pass up the opportunity to partake in such a pleasant experience. Or at least come to purchase tea ware at fair prices. My first visit I acquired a Yixing sized glass pot at $14.95 CDN. I have already used it so much that I feel I have gained back its price already through excellently brewed tea. If anyone is in the area of Queen St. East and Pape it is before Shoppers Drug mart on the North side when coming west. Please enjoy a sample once you enter.

950 Queen St. East , Toronto, Ontario
T:647-350-4646 E:info@majesteas.ca