Generosity + Love : What the season is about

Little miracles can happen at any moment, everyday. This is what I believe since reading “Spirit Junkie” and “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein. Something amazingly touching happened last night on my walk here in my hometown.

Pay it forward is a real thing! Read my story about a little miracle that happened to me and a close friend. Miracles happen more often than we think, just look to Gabrielle Bernstein.

 Quite regularly I go for walks with my best friend James for a bit of exercise and a good talk. After a long walk (and discovering that my Grandparents home still stands), we sat down for a bit. Like usual we chatted about what is going on in our lives, the holidays etc.

   Part way through a talk about classes, a guy walked up to us. Usually when someone does this our first thought is they want something. But, something told us this was not the case. In his hand were a few bills. He said “hi”, handed us each money while saying “Merry Christmas”. It was not much, but the very act was priceless. 

  We were both shocked. James  hurried after him and thanked him. This guy who knew nothing about us, just felt blessed and wanted to give back. Little did he know both of us were struggling financially and this act made us feel the love which comes with the season. 

  We both felt like anything that made us feel down from the past was so small and we can focus on the present. I am not sure what I will do with hid gift yet, but I am sure a sign will come. 


    I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season. Happy Holidays everyone from my family to yours!

Pay it forward is a real thing! Read my story about a little miracle that happened to me and a close friend. Miracles happen more often than we think, just look to Gabrielle Bernstein.

New kettle at last!

   A new kettle has been on my list for ages, it took quite some time to find the right one. During a visit to see my parents, My Mom and I went to Canadian Tire as it just re-opened.
    This piece of beautiful craftsmanship was there. Cuisinart made, it glows, stainless steel and programmed temperatures. The keep warm feature is great but I am always startled when it begins to heat up the device once again.
       I am thinking of trying another water test. This time I hope to obtain bamboo charcoal to add along side the others. I have yet to buy spring water for this kettle, currently I am using Brita filtered water. A few of my teas taste a bit cleaner with spring water so I will go purchase another 4L bottle of a local spring water (Muskoka I so far like the best).
         I still would like to get a stone “kettle” and have a flame beneath, my current houseing arrangements do not allow for such. On another note, the charcoal or alcohol I use will be a little dangerous till I have a larger tea space.


It’s Christmas…or rather we all feel the looming need to buy things because of the consumer aspect of this holiday. At work we have begun to feel the full force of the buy buy buy aspect. Everyone is moving so fast that I even find myself in the same mind set as I was when working at 7-11 all those years ago. It is getting hard to give full quality service when people are in such a rush. Buying green teas and jamming them into those tinny little infuser ball just hurt every time I have no chance to educate them on the tea.

Coming home to my little kitten (7 months~) and brewing a cup of tea seems so laborious that I have turned to tistanes that I rarely brew. Then I also take out paper tea filters to further the simple process of brewing. Never have I been so exhausted that I just wanted to relax, not think about work, customers ( I still love you all), looming debts, etc. It is very hard in our society to just take a moment to create a nice little setting and enjoy ourselves.

This past Sunday I spent the morning at a little cafe for brunch and partake in a tea brewed in those little infuser balls. Strangely it was satisfying. Just to not have to think about anything but watch all these people rush past the front window long the Danforth.

So after all this. I encourage you to take a moment be it only one or perhaps 15 minutes. Relax, make something for yourself and don’t worry about how it “needs” to be brewed. Brew a tea and just relax in the simplicity a moment in time