Urban Oasis: Niagara Falls

Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to connect with nature, find balance and peace. Past posts from the series can be found here.

    Mid-March for my Dad’s birthday we took an overnight trip to Niagara Falls. This series are taken from our window on the 41st floor. The first two pictures are taken in the evening and the last early the next day. This body of water has such a great presence even from such a distance , and varying times of day.

These photos are taken from the Canadian side. Incase you are planning a trip to the area here is a little map ,and by the way the Hotel we stayed at was Embassy Suites by Hilton (41st floor).
   Have you stayed by the falls before? How was your experience?

Toronto 2015 Yoga Conference Shopping

Earlier this month I went with my mom to  the Toronto 2015 Yoga Conference. Being our first time we decided to see what the show floor had. It was a great shopping area which surrounds the free yoga class section in the middle. 

  My favorite offering of the show is the option to bring your old mat in exchange for a 10$ voucher. It can be used to buy a new mat from the show from one of the many vendors to choose from. My mom ended up getting a Manduka mat (that has a good weight to it) for her mainly Hot Yoga practice. 

BMat Traveller in Sunrise Red // Karmala Strappy Happy Bra in Turquoise

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards // Lovbird Design Let Go T-Shirt

 I did not bring an old mat but I did have plans to pick up another Bmat for when I am traveling or even in Toronto for a class. The girls at the booth were very friendly and I ended up giving them a hug before we left. I was just too happy to get another mat to further my practice beyond my hometown.

    Midway through the day we ate a delicious meal that not only was healthy but energizing as well. We paired our lunch with a well deserved cup of tea from David’s Tea, who had a lovely booth near the rest/eating area. It truly set the tone for the day. 

    For next year we are going to sign up for a few of the many classes that are going on over the course of the 4 day event. The whole conference was a great place to meet people who wish to further themselves through yoga meditative sequences.  I was a little sad that there were only two Tea vendors but the atmosphere made up for it. 

One of a Kind Show Spring 2015 Haul

A few weeks ago my family all loaded into the car for the ride to Toronto. While Dad went to work the rest of us hopped on the TTC and rode to the Direct Energy Building for the One of a Kind Spring Show.  Overall it was a great day to see what the spring vendors had and do a little shopping. It felt a bit smaller than the winter show but that was to be expected. I will say it made me look forward to the winter show at the end of this year.

 My favorite purchase of the whole day was this adorable kit from Kiriki Press. Within the box was everything needed to start stitching and you have a choice from different animals, and three levels of difficulty. I choose this little fox which was a level 2 doll kit. It really got into it and finished it only a few days latter. I was very inspired by the kit that I got a few more to learn more stitches. I have a latter project in mind using the skills I learn but you will have to wait till next week for that.
    Check out more of these adorable kits either on their website or on etsy.

When Shopping I had only two things on my list: Prints for my room and rings from White Feather Designs. These two prints stood out at Sea and Lake Paper Co and The Critter Co. Both just called out to me to buy them. The cardinal I had walked passed by a full step before turning around and buying it. Both pieces will be framed and put together for a “wall collage” of other framed works as part of my “Oasis” project

   I am off to try to remedy a mistake on my raccoon doll and hope you all enjoyed these finds.  Which do you like most?

Urban Oasis: Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Jellyfish

Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to connect with nature, find balance and peace. Past posts from the series can be found here.

Last Thursday I took a trip into Toronto with my Mom for the Yoga Conference, but we came a day too early. Rather than turning around we took the chance to spend time at the Aquarium together. We both enjoy photography and nature, so it was perfect for a rainy afternoon. 

   This installment of Urban Oasis is of the Jellyfish area. I love how colourful they can be and the array of types that the local Aquarium has. Let’s look at them!

I hope you feel inspired by these lovely little creatures. They look so much like lace it makes me want to stitch up a lace-Jellyfish plush. How about you?

 If you have not got the chance to visit the Toronto Aquarium or are visiting sometime soon, here it is on a map. Other local attractions include The CN Tower and Rogers Center.

Urban Oasis: Niagara-On-The-lake

Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to connect with nature, find balance and find peace. Past posts from the series can be found here.

The last two weeks have been an adventure. Two weeks ago My family went to Niagra Falls for my Dad’s birthday and for a little fun. Along our way back we stopped by Niagara-On-The-Lake and visited the small town there. Very quiet and had a lovely feel. Next time I want to find the time to sit and have tea. So happy that this little gem is just about over an hour away.

If you want to visit this location I have included a map to find it below. Don’t forget to have some tea.