Happy New Year

    I hope each and everyone of you had a great new year. This year will be great for all of us. Together with the Lolita Vulgar Team, we are working on putting together an online magazine (We are still accepting submissions!). The spring (weather pending at the moment) I will be performing casual chanoyu  for anyone who wishes to participate, more information on this as the season approaches. This year I am going to submit for the Toronto Arts Grant to work on a body of work for Grad School, or rather something that will work me towards it. Hysteria II has changed to a male version, I hope to get my needles into this sculpture series soon. The tests will be interesting none the less.
     At this present moment I am working on sketches for a birthday gift to My dear younger brother who is turning 23 this month. It’s going to be a fair size at least over 22″ by 20″, all ink and perhaps some tea as a stain behind it. Shuuhei (my cat) has been eagerly watching my pencil move the past while, he is just as excited for new work as I am.
           I hope to have your support through this new year. May we work together to make the world a bit brighter through art!

Working with water

 This year has been great. I have joined the AGO and the South Asian Visual Art Centre. In addition to attending great workshops, documenting and  self-mentoring.
    To begin the year I showed Hysteria that was a return to an old process that I used. One of which I am working on still on the side.
    My other work is branching out slowly. Watercolour has come back into my work, and I need to understand it more. Just as I need to learn more about sumi-e ink, I hope to play, make mistakes and possibly take more classes on them. This coming year is very important to me as I am turning 25. No longer am I a young adult but a full adult. Its time to make everything fall into place, a lot is planned for 2012. I have a whole to-do list dedicated just to my art practice which is displayed in large print on my wall next to my desk. Seeing it since I printed it just reminds me of how much needs to get done for the more technical side of art. Website, professional business cards and networking sites. Everything links together.  Exciting! Exciting things are going to happen.
                    Over the next day or so I will be finishing a work for a e-card for my mailing list. I have added a few people whom I hope want to be included but this initial Holiday “card” will allow them to opt out if they so please.  If you would like to be added to my list I have a link to the right of my blog for you.
    It has been a long few weeks leading up to the holidays. I am off to be for the night to be prepared for another day of work Studio and Work-Work. Happy Holidays everyone~

Hysteria- Installation and Opening

 Posting this quite late (better late than never), here are the installation and opening images. Top images are by myself and the bottom two are by my significant other. Please pardon my squinting… I can not remember why I was not wearing my glasses that night.

Hysteria 1

Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling and frame 9 X 11 x 3

Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, plastic doll, thread and frame 9 X 11 x 3

Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, thread and frame 9 X 11 x 3

Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, plastic doll and frame 9 X 11 x 3

Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners and frame 9 X 11 x 2

Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, plastic doll, thread and frame 9 X 11 x 3

Comming to an end

The group show I am part of is soon to come to an end. The last day will be the 12th of March, so this coming Saturday. To all of you who have not come out to see it this will be sadly your last chance.
Although I am working on picking pieces for “THE NEXT BIG THING” which is going to be running though the OCAD U Graduate show in May. If all works out I will have a few pieces in that as well.
Just in case you had difficulty finding the gallery I have placed a map here for you.
Looking forward to hearing any feedback~
The Student Gallery is located at 285 Dundas St. West, just east of Dundas and McCaul. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 12 noon to 6 pm.

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