New Tea Book!

    This afternoon we received a shipment of the new tea booklet. I am overjoyed to make this post because of all the useful information for anyone interested in tea, great for beginners and for those of us that need a refresher.
    The cover is thick and sturdy, all the images are well taken. Another bonus (especially at family dinners) is all the prices are included. Explanation of how a tea comes to be make me so happy, I find it hard to explain to those new to tea about Oolongs. Tea region map makes it simple to show everyone where all major types come from.
     Comparisons between tea bags and loose leaf tea, and bottled tea vs. Loose leaf. To top it all off we have a letter from (My boss) David Bellisario who is President and founder of the company.
   This year has brought a lot of changes for the company. Tea cafes, new teas and line of products.  I am eager to see what is next for this growing company.
      To show you the tea book, the image to the left is linked to a digital copy that will open in a new window. Enjoy~

New work and submission deadlines

Over the next little while I have 2 submission deadlines comming up. The first is for an OCAD University Alimni show next spring and the second is a full proposal for Xspace (OCAD U associated gallery). Slightly overwelming how much needs to be done but do-able.

      If any of you follow my Facebook fan page you are aware of the new work sitting around. Tea infused with a but of a watercolourist feel to them, some small meditations on tea and dao. I hope this medative series continues for quite some time. In addition my knitted series is in the planning stages of a continuation. Alot is going on. Updates may only occur once every two weeks unless there is enough to update earlier. I am organizeing my time for my art and Japanese study. Hopefully what I have learned ends up in my work.

Working hard

It’s been a long year and the new one bring me a show. In Febuary I am haveing some peices in a group show with other Alumni. Putting things together is on it’s way. I hope to post progress sometime before or after christmas. New place, new work, new year, new job (same one since June), new friends and just a new outlook on life. Things are looking up.
Anyhow, just wanted to update for those of you who follow me as well as for myself to look back on. This is where things will truely start. Wish me luck and help push me forward towards my goal. A masters of fine art, a job at a university, a family to come back to, friends to fall back on and a warm home to keep my little boy safe ( My cat Shuuhei and any children I might have).