3 Ways to Understand Your Inner Self

Learn 3 ways to understand you inner self . What you need in relationships, what your personality type needs and what your astrology birth chart says about your journey.

Through my Yoga Training, I have learnt more about myself. It meant to go deep but when you begin to confront and understand our inner self. It’s scary. But also enlightening. You discover what you need in all situations (hey even in relationships). You gain confidence as you know who you are beneath all the stories from the past ( or even from the day-to-day interactions). You have clarity and direction.

If you have felt stuck (been there) or felt like you lost yourself (here too), you’re not alone. Going beneath the surface digging can help you remember what you truly need from a friend, in a Career, from Family, or even from a partner. The following are three ways to dig deeper, without letting that awful voice get in the way (looking at you judging Ego). Let loose, let go of expectations. And let’s get to know your inner self.

Understand your  Personality type

16 Personalities Quiz

 Huge fan of Myers Brigg’s personality breakdowns, it’s so legit true! If you have done a personality type quiz before this is one where we are broken down into 16 personality types. Each is represented by acronyms and some groups even came up with “titles” for each type. For example, mine is INFP which is called “The Mediator” over on 16 Personalities.

  This one is a fantastic way to find out more about your strengths and weaknesses for your personality type. Now, take those words with a grain of salt as we are all unique in our journey. But most of all “weaknesses” can become strengths when we put the effort into yourselves with personal development.


Understand your Love Language

5 Love Languages Quiz

  Ever wondered why it’s hard to connect with certain friends, family or even partner? Perhaps its because your love language is different. Earlier this year City Line (Canadian lifestyle show), talked about this topic. We are actually more prone to use the long language that WE NEED towards other people who may need something entirely different.

 This is a fantastic way to build up relationships of all forms by learning the love language that you need and value. And if you send the quiz to your loved ones, you can learn what they need. For example, My highest love languages (which are tied) is Acts of Service and Quality Time.

Understand your Astrology Chart

Full Astrology Birth Chart

 These are basically your “factory settings” when you were born, no influence from the world. Yet, we are still affected by the energies of the world around us. So learning more about your chart is key as the sign you have been looking up in the newspaper (or online) is only a small part of a larger picture! 

   Sign up, it makes life easier for going between the two sections it has on there. The link will take you to getting your birth chart. This will tell you what sign your sun, moon, mercury, mars etc. You will learn what each one is. Now, each planet (or star or the moon) represents something different in our lives. Such as the Moon is our inner self and our emotional needs.

Mine is Cancer which means at the end of the day I need family and I am very concerned with others. My emotions can get the best of me and learn the rhythms of my emotions will help me go forward. To learn more about these different meanings check out Astrology Clubs menu on the right side. Each link to specific planets (the sun or the moon too) will explain that part deeper. On your chart though is an explanation of your character for that portion. Again if you want more info on signs and planet meanings Astrology Club is a great place to start. But always feel free to do a google search such as ” Cancer Moon” or even “Sagittarius Saturn”. 

Astrology Houses

Next step (when you are ready) if to look at your houses. Each one represents part of our lives, Such as our first house (also known as rising sign) is our Persona. Second House is how we are with Finances. and it goes on from there. A simple google search of “astrology houses” will bring up a simple wheel with these parts detailed on it or even go deeper. On the Signs By Stars page go to the left side and scroll down till you see “Rising Sign”. Click that to get your houses (or click here to go to it).

Houses works similar to your chart, in each house you will have a sign. Such as My 6th house, health, is in Jupiter. Which some places say I use unconventional healing and I take my health seriously. I used Astrology Club page on the houses to learn about these meanings (they were the best source for direct language, but also down to earth.


Accepting ourselves means understanding who we are inside and our needs. These are three things that helped me and I hope they help you on your own journey to self-discovery. There is always something new to learn about ourselves, no matter what age we are. Blessings for your decision for looking deeper. Go forward with grace.

How I found balance and got my life back on track


  I have a confession to make, near the end of last year my contract ended with my last employer. I struggled to find something new and t press on but I was not able to.  Through this I lost sight of my own self, my beliefs, avoided family and even abused my own health. It was very hard for me to tell my parents the news, in the end after a week I told them. I was invited home and offered help to pack. While this did help, It also threw me into a deep depression. It was scary seeing that my whole life of almost 3 years at that apartment packed in to all of those boxes (4 boxes of tea and teaware by the way).  When the last load was put on the truck it was January 1st.  The next day I was asked if I wanted to see how things were in Halifax  and get a job out there.  I said yes, because I felt deeply betrayed by Toronto. I felt like there was no one out there to help me. Things changed fairly quickly out there. I met someone (great timing as I had left a relationship in November) and felt very welcome in Halifax.  While one thing did work out the job did not. I came back home and hung out with my brother for company.

    I still felt the pains from before and new ones as I adjusted (again). One day I decided, I needed to focus on me. I wanted help but on my terms, I opted for a book.The one I choose to read was “Make Every Man Want you” by Marie Forleo. I followed her videos while in Halifax and fell in love with how she is just being her. She helped me remember who I really am, and If you read this book she can help you too. It is “disguised” under the guise of a relationship help book it truly is  a book that helps you reconnect with yourself. She talks about making “is-ness your business” , by focusing on the now and letting go of the past ,as well be that fabulous self you always knew you were inside!

        The second thing I did for myself was taking yoga classes with my mom.  While I was reading MEMWY,  My Mom went twice a week and she looked very relaxed. I went once a week at first and borrowed a mat. Eventually, I bought my own Matt and signed up for  the same schedule as my mom. Not only did I get to spend time with someone I care about but, I also got time to really treat my body right and learn from it. I love that yoga promotes non-judgement of your body and to work with it rather than against. I have not felt this well in quite sometime.  Most recently I have been having traditional chai tea steeped in milk after my classes. It makes a big difference to my yogi day.

     The reason why I shared this with you because maybe you went through something similar. I want you to know you are not alone and we are sisters in life (and tea).  I hope you will take something away from this and make a life that you love.  Together we will accept the past as the past and leave it there. Focus on the now and be the best that we can be.
   These were only my first few steps towards making a life that I love (writing here is also my little peice of heaven).  While I can not do either justice in words, I suggest you try them both out yourself. Create your own life that you love, make it happen. I believe in you!

P.S. June 12  I will be in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum for the Lole White Tour. There I will be one of many people joining together to have an unforgettable yoga experience. I will be tweeting (and instagraming) throughout the event, follow me @bellmanart to join me !

*I am sharing this book out of love. I gain nothing from mentioning how amazing the book (and Author) are. All opinions are my own.