New Tea Book!

    This afternoon we received a shipment of the new tea booklet. I am overjoyed to make this post because of all the useful information for anyone interested in tea, great for beginners and for those of us that need a refresher.
    The cover is thick and sturdy, all the images are well taken. Another bonus (especially at family dinners) is all the prices are included. Explanation of how a tea comes to be make me so happy, I find it hard to explain to those new to tea about Oolongs. Tea region map makes it simple to show everyone where all major types come from.
     Comparisons between tea bags and loose leaf tea, and bottled tea vs. Loose leaf. To top it all off we have a letter from (My boss) David Bellisario who is President and founder of the company.
   This year has brought a lot of changes for the company. Tea cafes, new teas and line of products.  I am eager to see what is next for this growing company.
      To show you the tea book, the image to the left is linked to a digital copy that will open in a new window. Enjoy~

Notes and books

Tuesday attached to my pay stub was this letter. It is very kind of the company CEO to write this for all his employees. Being informed of the new addition to the tea wall.
After reading the letter I decided to get a small book to keep with me. In it I am recording notes such as reviews, list of tea to buy, health benefits of herbs, etc. Saturday I am heading over to Tao Tea Leaf for his spring tea tasting. The book will come with me so I can keep tasting notes in order to decide what I am going to purchase.
In addition a few weeks ago I purchased “The Ancient Art of Tea” by Warren Peltier. It compares many classics addressing customs, water, method of heating it etc. Everything right down to company you enjoy a cup with. I am almost done the book and already from the just the first few pages I want to boil my water in a stone kettle the old way. All I have to say is “Wu Wei”.