Must Read Tea Blogs: Part 1

  Since I started this blog I have found many people whom I continue to learn from even now. They have shared tea, teaware, notes, and findings. The list kept on growing over time and I hope this lists inspires you as it has me.

Tea Masters- By Stephane

His blog has a heavy focus on cha-xi formed tastings. Almost all his teas he tastes for his posts are in season or aged. Living in Taiwan he has access to a great tea source directly. This blog is very informative on how to enjoy tea for beginners and seasoned tea drinkers. I used his blog to get used to gaiwans. I suggest his “Tea Masters Classroom” for all sorts of goodies.

Tales of Japanese Tea by Kohei
My PhotoJapanese tea was the first tea I tried in loose leaf form. Upon finding Kohei’s blog I found a need to learn more. He practices Japanese Tea Ceremony and became a Certified Japanese Tea Advisor. He lives in Japan and visits various shops throughout the country with his adorable wife. Kohei runs a humble tea shop online called everyone’s tea, there is a great selection of tea ware.
   Kohei pushed me to learn Japanese Tea Ceremony and to start Tea Sommelier classes at George Brown College.

Mandarin’s Tea by Tim Hsu
The Mandarin's Tea RoomWhile starting out my tea journey I found Tims blog while drooling over tea ware. I was captivated by his post detailing the tools of tea. At that point I was fascinated by all the types there was to be used, now thankfully I know more about them all. I deeply enjoyed his piece in Tea Magazine this year on cigar and tea pairing.

A few final words on part one of the series. I have only just came out of my shell and began to express my thanks for posts and follow  who I can on twitter. Normally I am very quiet on the web but I felt I needed to come out of my comfort zone and talk to them. So far I have enjoyed it and I hope all of us can meet over tea some day. Soon perhaps.

The Sage hut and Tao through tea

  I have been thinking over the last little bit on the ideas I can recall from “The Way of Tea” by Aaron Fisher . A very well written tea book on Tao and Tea. Again as I usually end my nights (and begin my mornings) I check out different tea related things. Tonight that was looking at The Leaf and following it to Wu De (Aaron Fisher)’s blog. In January I e-mailed him inquiring about his book and was invited to his school when I have the chance. This school now has a web page, The Sage Hut, it is compleately non profit and very inviteing. It seeks to teach others about Tea and the Tao or Cha Dao.
     I have met with many differnt types of people over the last few years, all with different opinons on the leaf.  “Meeting” Arron, through his book, I have come to a point where I am seeking more than just the leaf itself. This being Cha Dao. As it is quite late right now I feel putting this, need into words impossible. In short, I wish to begin to post about things I see in tea, not just reviews which do help my pallet in preparation for the George Brown program. This I hope will include Cha Xi (which is represented to an artful form my Stephane over at Tea Masters) , thoughts on tea ware I use (and even things that I use that may not be “ment” for tea), Cha Qi (Once I can understand it, so this is something to learn), etc. These posts will not be to push anyone in any way what so ever towards this method of seeing.  Tao is very interesting to me and I hope it will bring this Journey in the direction it feels I need to go. Perhaps I will find myself in Taiwan with Wu De.
       To sum it all up, keep an eye out for these posts. They may be included along side a tea “review” (more so a tasting) or on their own. All in all good night now, I have a final cup for the evening waiting for me.