Game Installation: Possible? YES!

A few days ago I was bonding with my brother over some games. The one I must note is “Garry’s Mod”, in this one you can go in to a “sandbox” world where you can do anything you want. Very literally anything you want. Bring in some people to hunt you down, make a room or randomly throw things.
    For me I decided to create an installation that everyone can enjoy. We may not be able to touch it but I feel that it only adds to the mystery behind creating such a work.
     Please enjoy~


Video and beliefs

    While looking up more information about “Wu Wei” and it’s association with tea, I came across this video.
As I sipped my Da Hong Pao (Camillia Sinensis- Montreal, review to come) I watched, this short educational video reminded me of my own Tao for tea. I like to relax while I brew, read something Zen or Tao related and listen to the tea. I try out different wares to see their effect on the tea, as that change may in turn change my mood. How we feel while we brew comes out in tea, this I strongly believe in.  Even customers ask me why the matcha/tea I make tastes differently from everyone else  on occasion. This reinforces my belief

Taiwan and Tea Ware

Watch “The Most-Valued and Fair-Priced Products of Taiwan 11: Oriental Tea Ware” on YouTube

This line is what every house hold should have. Fine crafted tea ware makes everyone feel welcomed. What kind of tea ware makes you feel special?

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea was first created as a social gathering for Ladies of the English court. Now it is almost non existent except as a kind of performance for those who attend. Mothers take their children for their birthdays and are loud, all to slowly teach them manners.
Around when I was 8-10ish area there was a small afternoon tea house down a side street. I remember my mom being very strict on noise level (the shop was always full of older women, we had to make her look good 😀 )and follow some rules for the table.

Rule 1: No eating with your mouth open (although my brother and I were taught not to do this at all since we could understand what “No” and “Don’t do that” meant).
Rule2: No elbows on the table ( we were still little so we got away with it a few times)
Rule 3: Try everything at least once ( I was very picky as a child, I refused to have cucumber and cream cheese wedges till present day. Though I absolutely loved smoked salmon and cream cheese. Odd isn’t it?)
Rule 4: If something was too far from reach, ask someone closer to get it for you. (Clotted cream was in the dead center every time, I was quite small for my age and could not reach it)
Rule 5: Always say thank you to the server. ( The owner was lovely, always making fresh scones throughout the day)
Rule 6: If mom took you to the shop when you are “sick” or after a appointment of some kind, don’t interrupt mom while she is talking to the owner (or anyone else)
Rule 7: Napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down.
Rule 8: Don’t play with your food ( I think by going here my brother and I finally took this to heart)
Rule 9: Don’t talk about inappropriate things at the table (remember age here~)
Rule 10: Always ask to be excused when leaving the table.

That little tea shop is long gone, sadly. Though a new one has popped up, Lauriam Tea House. For Mother’s Day I am hoping to take my Mom and possibly my Oma for their Afternoon Tea. I am excited to be able to recall the last outing with my Grandmother all those years ago before she passed away. It is certainly a main reason for me adoring tea so much.